Yoga & Pilates Styles

Our classes are tailored to suit you!

Are you looking for more spice in your life?  Qi offers a variety of different Yoga & Pilates classes to keep you present and engaged: some strong, some gentle, some dynamic and some more relaxing or meditative to suit everyone, regardless of age, flexibility (or lack of it).

All our teachers have a sincere desire to keep you safe by working within your limits, and to offer you options to explore the whole system of Yoga and Pilates. This includes working with breath, alignment, meditation and the mind to find pleasure and ease along with mental clarity.

In a nutshell, people often feel energised, strong and relaxed after our classes, with a heightened sense of well-being and contentment.
If this sounds attractive, then dive in to our timetable. We can adapt almost any class to suit any age or experience.

Ashtanga Yoga: Dynamic, challenging, flowing and inspiring

Hatha Yoga: A more general class to stretch you body, open your mind and raise your spirits.

Hatha Flow Yoga:  A flowing yoga style where movement/asana is linked closely to the breath for a meditative flow and absorption in the practice.

Kundalini Yoga:  Yoga poses for aligning your Chakra’s to awaken your (Kundalini) energy through chanting, breath work and mudras.

Mature & Motivated Yoga:  Gentle yoga tailored for over 60’s+ to support mobility and relaxation.

Pilates: Fantastic to strengthen the core and tone everywhere.

Pre-natal & Post-natal: A must for every expecting mum before birth to prepare for pregnancy and recovery from birth.

Reformer Pilates: A perfect blend of Pilates movements using the reformer bed which brings greater support for the beginners and additional awareness to the more experienced Pilates client wanting to improve their technique and performance on the mat with confidence. 

Sound Healing  & Yoga:  A combination of gentle yin yoga and relaxing sounds to restore your through deep relaxation.

Yoga Nidra & Sound: Dive into the deeper states of relaxation meditation through a form of “yogic sleep” known as yoga nidra 

Yin Yoga: Yin Yoga is a relaxing yoga style, using support to hold gentle postures for deep opening and release. Yin Yoga focuses on depth in asana, to hold awareness with your breath.

We keep our classes safe and personal so you enjoy close supervision from our highly-trained teachers who will adapt class content to suit the people in that session.

(Please note: We do not heat the room.)

Our classes are graded:

  • STRONG: physical, challenging and flowing to build heat, stamina and flexibility.
  • MODERATE: A more measured pace to suit new or experienced yogis plus time for to learn peace of mind. Great to build your confidence and learn the power of Yoga.
  • GENTLE: Gentle with a  focus on restoring energy, reducing stress and calming your mind.

I absolutely adore Qi Yoga. Every single teacher, in every style of class I attend, has been magnificent. It is the best elixir for your mind, body, soul. Thank you so much Alice, Morgan, Tracy, Mel, Carmen, Charlotte, Shaila, Oriana and Robert for being such beautiful beings of light and for having such a significant impact on my healing journey. You do such brilliant and beautiful work! Namaste! ??‍♀️❤️

Janine Shearer (Qi student)

My love of yoga began at Qi in Manly and as locals we are incredibly lucky to have such an authentic and nurturing yoga studio so close by!

Phil Dickenson