Yoga Nidra & the Science of Stress Management Level 2 Training with Cora Geroux 20 hours June 21 -24

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A 6 week foundation course in yoga for all ages, sharing postures, techniques and the attitudes that help you find happiness, balance and wisdom

Join senior yoga teacher Celeste (and nutritional scientist) for two-hours of meditation and yoga asana practices to ground then awaken your body and mind.

Discover the healing practice of myofascial release and improve the stretch reflex of muscles, lymphatic circulation and blood oxygen levels, furthermore relaxing contracted fascia.

Morgan will guide you through processes to release the residue of stress in order to reset your nervous system and emerge feeling energeticly renewed.

If you love yoga, dance and movement, you're going to love this; moving from form to formlessness, from asana to free flow dance and back again. It is free-form movement meditation to music, to liberate your creative life-force.

A must for all yoga teachers, and great for parents, surfers, office workers...everyone! The SLSA run training is essential for all teachers. Renew CPR or get Full 1st Aid Certificate