Why Somatic Movement is so Effective in Eliminating Muscular Pain

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Yoga and Somatic Movement pioneer Tanya Fitzpatrick is returning to Sydney to offer the first training in this method in July. We asked her to tell us more about what to expect from her training and this method which she has shared around the globe.

“One question I get asked all the time is “How is this method so effective at eliminating muscular pain?
The reason is simple; somatic movement trains your brain to release your pain. [pullquote align=”right” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]The reason is simple; somatic movement trains your brain to release your pain.[/pullquote]

Through specific movements you learn how to sense where you are holding tension. This habituated state of forgetfulness whereby we forget how to relax our muscles is called sensory motor amnesia.”

Pain management without pills
Actively lengthening and releasing muscles from a constant state of contraction sends the message to the brain that it’s OK to let those over- taxed muscles relax. This creates a feedback loop between body and mind that dissolves the compensatory pattern, thereby reducing pain and letting the body remember what natural alignment feels like

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Before picture to left. After just one treatment on right

  • This Somatic Movement Education Training program is designed to complement the participant’s approach to Pilates, yoga or yoga therapy.
  • The movement sequences can be seamlessly woven into your current teaching programme as an excellent pre or post warm up/cool down.
  • You will be able to give your students a safe, simple and sustainable programme of pain relief and muscular training. 
  • You will set yourself apart from other teachers as this training is one of it’s kind in Australia.


Benefits To Learning Somatic Movement Education
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  • Movement Insurance: Somatic movements target habituated muscular tension. Learn how to treat yourself and prevent excess tension from continuous teaching. Save money and learn how to FIY (Fix It Yourself).
  • Embodied Learning: Learn anatomy while you move. Muscular anatomy can be difficult to learn, but important to understand as a Yoga teacher. Somatic movement teaches you to feel first which is scientifically proven the quickest way of learning.
  • Skills for Life: Give your students real answers how to eliminate their muscular pain and tension.
  • Set yourself apart from the crowd
    Be learning how to effectively help your students release pain and greatly improve how they move. You rise above other teachers.
  • Benefits to your students
  1. Receiving real solutions for pain relief
  2. Helping them get the most of their yoga practice
  3. Injury recovery and improve mobility
  4. Rapidly improve flexibility safely
  5. Reduce the effects of stress

Lets help our students enjoy pain free movement!

TRAINING DETAILS HERE: July 8 – 13 in Qi Freshwater Studio

Tanya 3Tanya Fitzpatrick draws on a varied background of bodywork and has been teaching movement since 1999. She is a certified as a Somatic Movement Educator, an advanced yoga teacher trainer, and a Body-Mind Centering Professional.

She has trained hundreds of individuals and groups how to move without pain and is regarded as one of Ireland’s leading Movement Educators. Her experience in coaching cutting edge movement education, has helped her clients to move in ways they never thought possible.

Tanya launched her successful business, Align and travels between her private clinics in the UK and Ireland where she coaches individuals and trains teachers in Somatic Movement, Embodied Anatomy and Yoga.

As a teacher, Tanya stimulates and transforms her groups through her effective and powerful training, giving them the ability to reach their full movement potential. She always shares high quality content with a commitment to integrity and excellence and does it with an approachable and compassionate manner with a contagious sense of fun.

In addition to running businesses, Tanya is a specialised educator in neuro-muscular release therapy, functional movement and re-patterning, biomechanics, muscular-skeletal conditions and embodied anatomy.

Tanya is a certified Somatic Movement Educator with the School of Body Mind Centering and the Ingle Institute. As a yoga teacher with Yoga Therapy Ireland and has an advanced trainer qualfication with Donna Farhi. She is also certified as a Thai masseuse with the Medicine School in Chiang Mai, Thailand and Indian Head Massage in Temple Bar Medical Centre.

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