Restorative Yoga & Yoga for Stress Reduction (GENTLE)

Slow, gentle and deeply relaxing yoga… the perfect antidote for a busy lifestyle to end the week.


IMG_20131120_135407The restorative class is a gentle, deeply relaxing practice which involves adaptation of classical yoga postures using props and holding postures.

Restorative Yoga is a subtle yoga practice which has so many benefits –
• it restores the body from the inside out,
• revitalises the organs and lifts your energy,
• calms the nervous system,
• releases tension,
• quietens the mind and develops self awareness.

We adapt classical Yoga postures using props to gently support the body and modify as required for different body types to help you to open, stretch and relax. It’s a balm for tired, tight and aching muscles and joints.

We also practice other relaxation techniques such as pranayama (breath expansion and redistribution of energy or prana) meditation and yoga nidra (a nurturing lying down guided relaxation also known as yogic sleep which is as good as several hours deep sleep).

Because it is so gentle it is suitable for everyone including beginners and is particularly effective for coping with stress, anxiety and those with restricted mobility or pre and post natal.