QI Membership Variation Request

Suspensions, Extensions, Holds

Membership suspensions/extensions/holds are only available to the following membership types:

  • “Auto-Pay” Ongoing unlimited classes memberships; or
  • ‘Paid in full’ Fixed Term Upfront unlimited classes memberships (3 month and 6 month only).

You may place your membership on hold for medical, maternity/paternity, travel upon the provision of satisfactory supporting documentation.

Membership suspensions are available for a minimum of seven (7) days and is only possible if your membership dues are paid up to date.

The maximum amount of time that you can suspend a membership for is dependent on the membership type.

Membership suspensions apply only to the current, non-expired membership type and do not accrue outside of the membership agreement.

For Ongoing “Auto-Pay” unlimited classes memberships, membership suspensions are available for a minimum of 14 days up to a maximum of 28 days per calendar year and is only possible if your membership dues are paid up to date.

No backdated requests will be approved.

All requests must be applied for in writing and Qi reserves the right to refuse any application for suspension at any time.


All cancellation requests must be applied for in writing at least fourteen (14) days prior to the commencement of the suspension period to allow time for processing and and approving.

Introductory Offers, Passes & Special Promotions

Are not subject to cancellation and are non-refundable.

Events (includes Workshops & Courses)

You must notify us at least 48 hours before your scheduled event or you will forfeit 100% of the event cost.

For cancelations greater than 48 hours your payment will in the first instance be credited to your Qi Client Account for use towards future events, classes or services provided by Qi.

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