Pre-Natal Yoga (GENTLE)

Qi_69C9206aA gentle, safe way to confidently prepare your body and mind for delivery of your baby. It also allows you to bond with your unborn child through visualisations and relaxation.

These classes are suited to any mum-to-be, or recent mothers. We provide expert care, all equipment needed, and changing rooms, all in a friendly and supportive environment at this amazing time of your life.

Our Wednesday class at Qi Freshwater is one of the longest continuously running pre-natal yoga classes on the Northern Beaches (at least 23 years and counting!…) and our teachers are professionals in this field.

When can I attend?
We strongly recommend that you only join these classes -or any yoga class- after your first trimester (around 12 – 13 weeks into pregnancy) for safety reasons. Please adhere to this guideline.

Booking Ahead:
Pre-natal classes are often amongst the busiest on our schedule.
Do book ahead to be sure of a space and arrive relaxed and ready!

Wednesday 6.15pm

Saturday 10.30am