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B.Hlth.Sci in Traditional Chinese Medicine from UTS, Diploma of Qigong from the New Zealand School of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine.  

Sonja practises a gentle form of acupuncture to help relieve pain, stress, anxiety and depression, and alleviate digestive disorders.  Sonja also finds that acupuncture is very beneficial for pregnant women to prepare for birth.

Acupuncture is only one aspect of the healing modalities available to Sonja as a Chinese Medicine practitioner. You may find her using cupping, gua sha, moxibustion and body work to further assist with musculo-skeletal pain and stiffness.

Chinese medicine is a holistic medicine and practitioners are trained to see the person seeking treatment as a whole being, and their ‘dis-ease’ a result of many factors. Food, lifestyle and emotions all play a part in our wellbeing.  Sonja likes to work with her clients to see where and how these factors can be tweaked to bring them back to good health.

Sonja is also a Qigong practitioner and teacher, and can offer individual exercises to support you in your healing. Qigong is the cultivation of one’s internal energy through gentle exercise, she describes it as a moving meditation.

Twenty-five years ago Sonja attended her first mindfulness retreat with the Vietnamese Buddhist monk, Thich Nhat Hahn, at his monastery in France.  This retreat was one of many turning points in her life.  Since then Sonja has cultivated a mindfulness practise, together with meditation, qigong and yoga.  All these practises inform Sonja’s work so that she can be fully present to the person she is working with. 

Sonja has a BA in Italian language and culture and speaks Italian, French, Spanish and Croatian.

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