Sacha Crouch

Psychologist * Life Coach

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BPsych (Hons). Masters (Clinical) Psychology. Cert IV Life Coaching.
Medicare rebates available with a GP referral. Health fund rebates may also be available.

Sacha Crouch is a registered psychologist, certified life coach and author of “De-stress Your Success: Get more of what you want with less time, stress and effort”.

She works both with adult clients with clinical issues such as anxiety and depression, and with adults who desire to feel a greater sense of peace, calm and happiness in life. Sacha is passionate about helping people let go of the struggle with themselves and life in order to embrace what is here now with less resistance and greater joy.

Sacha loves helping her clients get in touch with their real selves, live from their true priorities and take simple steps on a daily basis to reconnect with what makes them feel energized and alive.

Drawing upon evidence-based psychological methodology, (Cognitive Based Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Brief Solution Focused Therapy and Compassion Focused Therapy), outcomes include:

  • Less worry, overthinking and over-analysis
  • Improved emotional management
  • Release of old unhelpful stories & beliefs
  • Greater connection with self, the present moment, and others
  • Calmer parenting while maintaining clear boundaries
  • Greater self-care, self-love and confidence


Sacha believes that personal growth can be fun and playful, irrespective of the difficulty of one’s past or current circumstances, and works from a space of every individual already being good enough rather than trying to ‘fix a broken self’. If you desire to make changes in your life in a supportive, non-judgmental space, book in with Sacha for individual therapy or life coaching.

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