Olia Donskova

Adv Dip Oriental Health Sciences (NCC), BA International Laws (Russia), member of FCMA

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Olia is a nationally registered and qualified acupuncturist, who started her Oriental medicine journey in 2002. She has completed four years of full-time formal education and training and numerous professional workshops to further her skills and knowledge.

Olia is working towards improving community health naturally and effectively, inspiring others to have control over their healthcare choices and making acupuncture benefits widely available for all.

She is a keen yoga and meditation practitioner and a firm believer in the body’s innate ability to heal itself when provided with a nurturing environment, inner and outer.

Olia’s acupuncture sessions are uniquely holistic and meet each person where they are at, while also assisting to see the underlying thought patterns contributing to lack of vitality and health. Muscle testing is used alongside Oriental diagnosis, as well as cupping, hand reflexology, gua sha technique for sore muscles, ear acupuncture, facial acupuncture for natural anti-ageing, sleep quality support, among other techniques and areas of expertise.

Olia is especially fond of assisting clients during an emotional crisis, easing their stress and mood swings, encouraging them to dig deep and gain valuable self-knowledge and understanding of how health, mood and thoughts are intricately entwined. Using acupuncture for emotional wellbeing and providing esoteric acupuncture sessions for those looking for emotional and spiritual growth are some of Olia’s passions. Her clients often comment on gaining valuable insights that help them to move forward.

Acupuncture benefits have been researched widely and it is praised for being a gentle and powerful therapeutic tool. It activates a cascade of feel-good hormones and provides a profoundly deep state of relaxation during which a lot of healing is taking place, immunity is activated, hormones are regulated, digestion is harmonised. The list of these benefits goes on and on. The most lasting and significant health improvements take place when acupuncture is experienced on a regular basis as a course of treatments.


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