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Josh is qualified in: Advanced Diploma Transpersonal Counselling and Diploma Yoga Teaching

Transpersonal Counselling

Josh offers Transpersonal Counselling sessions to help you move through a wide range of the challenges of being human.

In these sessions he draws upon tools from a range of modalities to support your journey of healing, growing, and thriving.
In addition to talk therapy, this might include art therapy, breathwork, guided meditation & mindfulness techniques, creative writing/journaling, or a range of other transpersonal process-based tools.

While these sessions can be effective for a very wide range of issues, Josh particularly works with depression & anxiety, stress management, trauma & PTSD, grief & loss, addiction, identity/spiritual crisis & integration for those working with plant medicines or other experiences with non-ordinary states of consciousness.

Outside of a clinical setting, Josh facilitates wilderness & adventure-based retreats around the world.


What is Transpersonal Counselling?

Transpersonal Counselling is a holistic, humanistic, client-centred approach to the therapeutic process. It aims to bridge the gap between the healing wisdom of traditional cultures (such as connection to land, connection to the spiritual aspects of self, rites of passage, etc) and a modern Western understanding of consciousness, drawing heavily on the work of Carl Jung and Abraham Maslow.


Yoga Mentoring

“Yoga must be made to suit each individual, not the individual to suit the yoga” – TKV Desikachar

Josh teaches in a more traditional one-on-one setting to mentor you through a deepening practice & to develop personalised asana, pranayama and meditation practices. These practices are designed for your body, to meet you wherever you’re at & support you towards your specific goals.
These sessions can assist you in;

  • Moving towards physical goals (such as injury rehabilitation, unlocking specific poses or bringing balance to training programs)
  • Helping to support you through a range of personal challenges (such as anxiety & depression, trauma, stress, etc)
  • Learning how to better look after your own wellbeing while in group classes
  • Providing access to do yoga in your own home, where group classes may not be accessible or appropriate for a variety of reasons


What style of yoga does Josh teach?

“I teach whatever is most appropriate and most helpful for each person’s body, goals, strengths and limitations in each moment. My practice is based in a more traditional individualistic approach to yoga that pre-dates the ‘styles’ which have emerged as yoga’s popularity has exploded over the last century. 

Having said that, I borrow a lot of emerging ideas and understandings from various modern styles of yoga as well as from other philosophies of movement, breath and consciousness, to whatever extent they are able to support individual journeys. 

Or more simply put, in the words of my teacher, ‘it depends’.”


I first came to yoga years ago to support my body while I was asking it to do unlikely things as an athlete (primarily rock climbing, snowboarding, surfing, skydiving & BASE jumping) then it became my physical, emotional and spiritual life-line as I navigated my own rocky path of physical injury, depression & anxiety, addiction & PTSD.

Over the ensuing years I’ve been fortunate enough to work with incredible teachers around the world, human and otherwise, who have helped me to connect to my inner resources and find my path into healing. As my own journey continues, I’m now called to share the tools that have been gifted to me along the way.

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