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Do you wish you could make more sense of everything?

Ever wondered if the right therapy for you could be more than talking?

Do you want to make new connections to your own growth and healing wisdom?

Jake offers Transpersonal Art Therapy sessions to:
• Improve your personal wellbeing
• Help you manage life’s challenges
• Empower you and your relationships
• Support the natural emergence of your healing and growth

In your sessions with Jake you’ll experience ways to gain a deeper knowledge of yourself. A session is a relaxed way to explore your life and future. You will leave with greater awareness going forward.

To suit your needs, Jake will mix and tailor different modalities such as: art and creative expression; talking therapy and counselling; breathwork; guided visualisations; meditation and relaxation techniques; movement and embodiment; and nature based awareness practices.

These sessions and modalities can be effective for a very wide range of issues. Your needs, your comfort, and where you are in your journey will be the starting point for you and Jake to select and apply the tools that work best for you.

Jake often helps people with life transitions, stress management, depression, anxiety, anger, grief and loss, addiction, identity, relationships, trauma, creative blocks, and spiritual crisis and integration.

Outside of the clinical setting Jake offers mentoring services to families who may be struggling with family dynamics or wanting more connection with their children. Please ask about youth mentoring for individuals, families, and group settings.

What is Transpersonal Art Therapy?

Transpersonal Art Therapy is a mixed practice therapy that tailors each approach to the person. It draws on healing wisdom from modern and universal knowledge. The counselling style is aimed at recognising the uniqueness of each individual’s journey while connecting the experiences to our larger human whole. It is holistic, humanistic, and therapeutic.

It can often be particularly effective when what or who we are trying to understand transcends words or immediate concepts. When the precision of words fails us, creative expression and art therapy can often prompt us to move deeper past the surface. We can begin to see how we are connected beyond our immediate experience and our healing gains new strength.


Jake is qualified in: Advanced Diploma of Transpersonal Art Therapy

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