Isabel Peace

Integrative Chinese Medicine Practitioner

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Integrative Chinese Medicine 

Isabel integrates various tools such as Acupuncture, Chinese herbs, HRV testing, EMDR, Schema therapy, Clinical hypnotherapy, Trance coaching strategies and practices to help bring back the sense of wholeness, joy and creativity.

Isabel’s focuses on optimal health rather than disease management, treating root cause of the problems instead of symptoms, as a whole (physical, mental, emotional, whether the client has a higher connection with archetypes and their soul/spirit).  Also a qualified quantum coach Isabel supports her clients to understand energy and how our physical bodies are a consequence of our vital/emotional fields, mental states and if we are connected or disconnected from our quantum self/soul. 

Her clinic work:  Weight loss, Personal development, Stress, Anxiety & Depression, Trauma (childhood trans-generational karma)

Professional Eduction:  PHD Candidate (currently), Master of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Bachelor of Health Sciences, Advanced Diploma of Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy

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