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Shamanic Energy Healing with Francisca Guajardo

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Shamanic healing is an ancient medicine used for thousands of years that will assist to create the optimum conditions for health, balance and wellbeing.  This ancestral medicine may assist you with chronic health conditions, physical and/or emotional pain, fears, addictive patterns, self-sabotage, finding your path, negative thinking, anxieties, nervousness, anger, eating disorder, depression, brain-fog, feelings of lack, feelings of blockage/heaviness, grief after divorce/break ups, relationship issues, Trauma, PTSD.

Shamanic Healing is different from cure, this is not a treatment to cure a symptom or a relaxation technique like other healing modalities.  Shamanic healing is a journey that works with the cause of your ailment. It helps you “heal” on all four levels; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  In some cases, during this healing journey you may become conscious of your “shadow”.  The unconscious aspect of your personality that for different reasons is ruling your life and causing disharmony in your physical reality.  After an integration process and your commitment you are able to take your power back and become your own healer.

About your session with Fran:

You will enter a quiet and protected world “Sacred Space” where the healing takes place to set your intention and the spiritual guidance of Lineage. Fran determines which modality of healing will be used for the energy work drawing upon tools from a “Mesa” or altar then choosing one or more of the modalities and techniques (listed below):

*Decoupling: Disengaging the fight or flight system, which is the body’s response to fear.

*Illumination: Chakra clearing & re-balancing. Restoring the Luminous Energy Field by breaking up the energy associated with repeated negative cyclical patterns.

*The “huacha” (heavy energy) is cleared from the involved chakra and is “illuminated”.

*Extraction: Removing intrusive energies that do not belong to your energy field that can manifest in physical or emotional discomfort.

*Cord Cutting: Removing energetic cords to people and places.

*Soul Retrieval: Soul loss may occur whenever we have experienced trauma in our life.  Trauma may cause dissociation from parts of ourselves. Soul retrieval acknowledges, heals, and integrates the lost part back into the whole being.

*Installing the Bands of Power and Protection

*Rites of Passage

*Rite of the Womb

It should be noted that during a session a combination of more than one”modality and tool” may be used and  some “techniques” may require several Illumination/Extractions sessions before being applied.

Sessions time options & pricing:

  • Treatments are 60 minutes or 90 minutes  
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