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Sound and Vibrational Healing Treatments

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The use of sound and vibration is not new, this ancient practice has been used to heal for thousands of years and is fast becoming a powerful force in holistic health globally.

Its capacity to impact the parasympathetic and autonomic nervous system mean this practice has multiple health benefits and ongoing research uncovers new developments every day.  Sound and Vibrational therapy is used in aiding the recovery of illness, traumas and invasive medical treatments, easing the impact of autoimmune illness, changing old patterns of behaviours and thinking, reduces the impacts of anxiety, depression, addiction and other psychological and physical conditions.

Sound Practitioner, Becc, offers her wealth of knowledge, training and years of experience in the field to provide you with options that inform and work in alignment with your individual needs.  Becc’s training in Ayurveda informs her treatment approach which focuses on the unique make-up of the individual, prevention and addressing the root cause.

A standard session involves the use of authentic Nepali Singing Bowls strategically placed around and on the body (dependant on the individual and condition). The variety of tones and vibrations impact the parasympathetic and autonomic nervous system and the body’s own vibration producing a state of homeostasis. The tones and vibration act as a massage for the nervous system, meridian lines and centres of the body (Chakras).  Despite extensive training across multiple fields, Becc’s journey to practitioner has been deeply informed by her own lived experience. In her own words, “The practices i share are those that have transformed my life and many others and help me in navigating my way through life with steadiness and ease”.

Becc now runs a holistic practice which specialises in evidence based mindfulness practices with the aim of improving people’s lives. Working in a personalised way by supporting clients to reach their goals through both the teaching of meditation and meditation based practices including Sound Healing, Yoga, Energetic body work and more.

Becc’s treatments can assist you in:
Aiding the recovery of illness, Traumas and invasive medical treatments,
Easing the impact of autoimmune illness
Changing old patterns of behaviours and thinking
Improving and reducing the impacts of stress, anxiety, depression and mental health issues
Process of Trauma and PTSD
Reducing chronic pain
Supporting the recovery of addiction and process disorders
Improving sleep
Boosting creativity
Improving concentration
Balancing energy fields (aura) and chakras
Lowering blood pressureAmongst others

 Meditation Teacher Training – 2020 – Global Accreditation – Sydney Institute Of
 Nepalese Singing Bowl Practitioner – 2019 – Chiang Mai Holistic, Thailand
 Crystal Singing Bowl Training – 2019 – Level 1 – Chiang Mai Holistic, Thailand
 Advanced Ayurvedic Healing 2020 – Nature Care College
 Reiki Practitioner – 2019 – Tibetan Usui Levels 1 and 2
 Search Inside Yourself Certificate – 2019 – Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute
 Diploma in Community Services – 2020
 Advanced Pranayama – 2021 – The Yoga Institute
 Yoga Teacher Training – 500 Hours – 2021 – The Yoga Institute

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