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My passion for energy healing ignited while exploring alternative ways to elevate my mental and physical health. Throughout my journey, I worked with various therapies but was particularly drawn to the immense sense of well-being I felt after receiving Reiki. The unexplainable feeling of release and relief was transformational and set me on a path to learn everything I could about this powerful healing technique.

In 2014, I embarked on a mission to study the many subjects surrounding energy transformation. I enrolled in Usui Reiki practitioner training with Kat Lowe at ConnectWithin in Los Angeles. There I learned traditional Japanese techniques to deliver universal healing energy. I combine this traditional Japanese approach with my intuitive gift to sense and work within a person’s energy field.

I have experienced the transformational benefits of Reiki myself and am honoured to share this force with anyone who is on a quest of living in a vessel that is constantly healing and transforming into a more peaceful place to live. As a healer and nurturer, I love creating space for my Reiki patients to reach a deeper level of healing than they ever believed possible.


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