Mums! 3 Simple Habits to Regain Your Mojo…and a Special $40 offer for February

By Sacha Crouch, Psychologist and Life Coach, at Qi Manly

  • Do you feel like you can’t cope another day with the endless demands of being a parent?
  • Do you find yourself screaming at your kids (or husband) rather than parenting from your inner Zen Master?
  • Panic attacks? Anxiety? Emotional Exhaustion?

If you said yes to any of these, then know you are not alone. We all experience moments of desperation, struggle, of feeling we don’t have what is required to make it through another day. And we criticize ourselves harshly for failing to live up to our expectations of who we think we should be.

Being a parent is an amazing gift but it can also challenge our resilience mentally, physically and emotionally. The good news is that there are a few habits you can practice to make those intolerable days bearable… Dare I say, perhaps even enjoyable! With a little

So rather than reach for another Mojito; go for your Mojo. 

commitment to what matters, you can find your inner Zen AND regain your spark.

So rather than reach for another Mojito; go for your Mojo. 

Below are a few simple ways you can start to recapture just that. I’m also making a special offer over February for mothers who need a little extra personal support… so read on.


3 Habits to Regain Your Mojo

  1. Set a daily Commitment.

Make a renewed commitment every day to choose, as a mum, a self-supportive way to Be… something “small” that if you did consistently would make a difference to your day. For example: adopt kinder self-talk; be more patient at dinner time; stop rushing around; or breathe deeply before responding to things that irritate you. To begin with choose just one thing. As you wake each morning focus your thoughts on practicing your new commitment with “ease” that day.

Don’t feel tempted to try to perfect this new commitment! Rather, aim to improve a little more each day, and observe the effects.

  1. Practice the “One Special Thing” rule

No doubt about it, being a Mum can be frantic. Some days it feels like you don’t even get time to brush your teeth! That’s why this habit is so important. Every single day do one special thing just for you (it’s part of your Mojo therapy!); take a long shower, meditate, do a few yoga stretches, sit alone for a cup of tea, walk in the sand on the beach, get your nails done, read a trashy magazine. Share this idea with your loved ones and then let them know at the beginning of each day what special thing you would like to do today, for you. Then end each day by sharing with them how wonderful it felt to do this special thing. Not only is this rejuvenating but it teaches those you love to also take care of themselves.

  1. Create a compassionate voice

The way you speak to yourself is the one thing over which you always have influence, irrespective of whether it’s chaos or calm that surrounds you. Self-judgment and criticism do not help you to parent better! In fact self-judgment drains your energy, and leads to parenting from guilt and insecurity rather than love. Learning to adopt compassionate self-talk is one of the most beautiful, powerful gifts you can give yourself and your loved ones. Did you know there is a specific form of psychological therapy called “Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT)” that centers upon developing a compassionate self because it has such a significant impact on wellbeing?

One key emphasis of this therapy is noticing the tone with which you speak to yourself and learning to adopt a compassionate tone. Try this simple exercise now: repeat in your mind the question “Why did you do that?” in three different tones: i. an angry tone, ii. an anxious tone, iii. a compassionate tone. How does each tone make you feel? Start to develop your self-compassion muscles by trying this simple exercise whenever you catch yourself in self-judgment. Repeat the same judgment using different tones and notice how each tone feels.

A new year is a beautiful time to adopt a new way of being. So why not choose 2017 to be one of reigniting your mojo through a few habits that could have a substantial impact on your wellbeing… What will you choose to do differently?


Want some more personal help?

Psychologist and Life Coach, Sacha Crouch is dedicating every Friday this February to mums who are struggling!
Sacha offers individual therapy and life coaching sessions for mums who currently find themselves struggling to keep their head above water.

“Free Yourself Fridays” for Mums in February
…For as little as $40

In these sessions Sacha will help you:

  1. Incorporate simple essential daily habits to restore your wellbeing
  2. Develop a compassionate approach to parenting so that you no longer exhaust yourself with self-judgment
  3. Manage mental health difficulties such as anxiety and depression
  4. Learn tools to manage your own emotional reactions (including to your partner and kids) even when you feel depleted
  5. Discover your Mummy Mojo – yes your happiness matters. I want you to not only feel calm for your kids but to feel vibrant for yourself!

Medicare rebates with a GP referral apply – which means that for every session on a Friday over February you will only pay a gap of $40.

Health care rebates may also apply (this will vary depending on your health insurance plan).

Please call Qi directly on 02 9976 6880 to book an individual therapy or life coaching session. This special offer is available for sessions on Fridays over February from 8am to 2.30pm only.


Find out more about Sacha Crouch here

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