Level 2 Teacher Training Modules in 2018

These on-going training modules are aimed at Yoga teachers who have a completed a minimum 200 hour training and been teaching for at least 1 year, who want to expand their knowledge and to really develop as teachers as well as extend their personal practice and understanding of all things yoga.

Of course you will be  in the expert hands of a range of senior and respected teachers to guide your continuing journey.

Specifically our training will give you a pathway to:

  • Graduate from 200 hour (provisional) membership of YogaAustralia to move to full Level 1 membership
  • Help Level 1 members (with 350 hours training) move towards Level 2 (500 hours) membership of Yoga Australia
  • Develop practical teaching skills in the real world as well as expand your knowledge and confidence to teach with greater authority and confidence


Course Structure:

To help busy teachers, study is mainly on weekday afternoons (with some weekends)

2018 Modules available include:

  • Discover the Benefits of Pilates for Improving Balance and Bone Density
  • Are you looking for ways to maintain good health as you age? Look no further than improving your sense of Read More

  • How Stress Impacts your Gut Microbiome 
  • Nurturing your gut microbiome is a powerful tool in supporting your health.  The bacteria in your gut help regulate multiple mechanisms in Read More

  • Restore Balance to your Nervous System
  • Stress, trauma and your state of mind plays a critical role in your overall health and well-being.  Whether you are seeking ways Read More

  • Making sense of an unfair life: musings from my mat
  • poem by Mari Andrew In such a connected world we often hear insanely unfair and distressing news all around us. Read More

  • How to make your health and your practice a priority
  • Once we get clear on our values, our priorities shift.
    One of the biggest things I’ve come to understand when people tell me they want to be healthier, happier and start getting into good practices but don’t know how. . .
    Is that it’s all about getting real on your values and priorities.