According to both Ayurvedic & Chinese medicine and their corresponding Yoga traditions of Hatha & Qigong, trapped or suppressed emotions are at the root of most physical diseases, as well as mental illness. Toxic emotions store in the nervous system, organs, fascia and muscles of the body and can be an underlying causes of both physical and psychological diseases. This link between our emotions and physical body is now being backed up by the latest scientific studies. In western medicine they only use the word “stress”, saying that most of our health problems are stress related, but what is stress? Stress is trapped emotions of fear, grief, anger, worry, frustration etc. that causes emotional pollution.

There are obvious  emotional “hard trauma’s” such as war, natural disasters, serious accidents and life threatening situations which are diagnosed as PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) but the form of trauma that often goes undiagnosed and untreated yet is most epidemic is “soft trauma’s”. These are smaller life events that happen to all of us throughout out life that build up and accumulate such as young childhood events, school events, relationship breakups-divorce, deaths of family members and financial losses etc. 

These “trauma’s” create suppressed unprocessed emotions that lie dormant in our subconscious minds like programs still running in the background of our computer. Unlike the conscious mind which understands the concept of time, the “subconscious has no concept of time”! As far as it’s concerned that terrible hurtful event that really happened 20 years ago, happened about 5 mins ago or is actually still happening!” But as you’re not consciously aware of this, it’s all automatic, or should we say subconscious and your daily reactions to life events are constantly re-triggering these hidden trauma’s so they can be felt and healed without you knowing.

These fully or partly unfelt, unprocessed and trapped emotions cause our body to remain continually in mild states of shock, causing fear, anxiety, depression etc.  We may feel on edge with the an invisible possible danger lurking ahead, and guarding ourselves from any human being that may just get inside our heart long enough and stir up these suppressed emotions for us to sabotage our intimacy and relationships.  These toxic old programs need to be “cleaned up” and “defragged” and our computer needs a full “reboot” so we can return to a relaxed natural state which according to the Yoga tradition is a state of “ananda” or love-bliss. But how can we be in this love state if we are in subconscious hidden states of fear? It’s just not possible no matter how many complex yoga postures we perform if we don’t clean out and release these old fear based programs and repressed emotional pollution.

Most of us now are intelligent enough to realise that “taking that magic blue pill” or “talking about it” does not cure the problem and in many cases re-traumatises us. According to national statistics, the current mental health crisis in this country is getting much worse and much faster even though we are giving those magic pills to our kids now and having more therapy than ever before and sendin out kids to therapy too. 

Our current society has become a society of high I.Q but very low E.Q. What is E.Q? This is your ‘emotional intelligence’ and your ability to process and heal emotionally from trauma or any emotionally charged situation naturally without going into permanent states of anxiety, depression or other mental illnesses and your ability to thrive with an open heart despite losses that will always occur in life. Its also your ability to make choices that are love based and not fear based, and it’s about choosing the security of the heart and love within us rather than relying on that security in a partner or outside ourselves in other ways!  

So how can we heal our emotional body? How can we learn to become more emotionally intelligent? Even though our traditional tribal and shaman ancestors had lower I.Q’s than us today they had far higher E.Q’s and they cleverly worked out simple ways to release trauma and suppressed emotions and shock from the body and they did this by watching how most animals did it! They understood that trying to heal the mind with a sick mind is very difficult indeed, and understood that in order to heal the mind, you had to do it through the body! The process that they developed is really the “oldest medicine on earth”. This is what we teach during the E-motion Yoga process.  It is really the oldest form of Yoga movement that humans developed but it was lost to humanity due to several reasons.  

Understand that E-motion Yoga does not claim to “cure the mental or emotional disease” rather teach you how to remove the trauma and suppressed emotions and belief systems that are the root cause! It aims to support your body to do the organic healing which is what it was designed to do once we allow it, and get our egoic head nature out of the body’s way. Your body is similar to super-computer with an organic inbuilt anti-virus for cleaning itself but we have forgotten how to access this process. Because the organic mechanism that heals emotional trauma has been suppressed for so long in our society our bodies are not doing what they are designed to do, which in according to our ancestors lore was to heal the mind.

You do not need to have emotional trauma to get great benefits from E-motion Yoga because it also helps to release chronic stress which in itself is a form of repressed stressful emotions. Chronic stress is now acknowledged by modern medicine to be a major cause of many diseases so it makes common sense that we develop organic ways of discharging this safely and effectively using methods that are natural for the body and mind.  There is an easier and cheaper way to heal emotions and trauma than what is being taught by mainstream western medicine, and alternative healers and our ancestors knew it!


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E-motion yoga combines traditional yoga practices with ancient organic movements that release trauma and emotional blocks to facilitate self-regulation and healing. E-motion Yoga helps to access the point at which the body holds on to stuck emotions and lets the body guide the release of built up tension though the natural and effortless process of involuntary shaking.” 

– Professor Marc Cohen (RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia.)


“After attending my first E-motion Yoga Class my whole body was buzzing, alive and invigorated yes peacefully calm and clear. I knew that I had discovered a profound practice that was going to support me in my journey of self-discovery and take me deeper into my own yoga practice.” 

– Emma Grant (Red Tent Yoga Studio Owner & Teacher, Byron Bay)


“E-motion Yoga is not really new, rather it is the oldest medicine on earth….the ecstatic shaking and tremoring of the human body which has roots in mother Africa. The Kalahari bush peoples call themselves the secret keepers of the shaking medicine and have prophesied that this medicine which has become lost will be rediscovered. The human ego’s worst fear is losing control of their environment and their emotions, and especially of their bodies. Yet in order to achieve the mysterious transcendental bliss state called ‘Yoga’, that is necessary to experience deep inner healing, we must surrender control; we must lose it to gain it! ”

— Johnathon Dao (E-motion Yoga Founder)

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