Yin and so much more with Mysan: for Lymph, Lungs and Lifted Spirits

Saturday 26th Feb 2022

Find your superpowers for optimal health…

Enjoy a 2 hour masterclass that is all about invigorating and unblocking your lymphatic system, respiratory system and deep tissues!
3 major components of your healthy super powers!

In our yoga practice and life we work endlessly on becoming balanced, free, healthier and happier. And in this lymph, lung and Yin yoga masterclass, Mysan will take you through simple but potent steps to elevate your health and happiness levels. 

Nothing in our body works by itself, heals by itself or gets injured by itself and when we connect these 3 powerful notions and practices, you will truly feel like you have gained superpowers!

As the lymph, lung and Yin practices affect us physically, the mental, emotional and energetic states will automatically begin to flow and a sense of overall lightness and balance occurs in our being.  

Mysan will introduce you to some amazing practices to activate your lymphatic system, enabling it to flow so it can flush away toxins and excess heavy proteins that are starting to clog up your fluid and health flow. 

She will give you simple techniques for the lungs and diaphragm. These techniques will assist the lymph system and therefore your overall health and wellbeing. Switching on the correct biomechanics and biochemistry for the respiratory system. 

We will complete it all by moving deep into joints and bones releasing inflammation, toxins, old emotions and deep rooted poopy-ness; the things that hold you back from being in full balance and harmony!  

Our Yin practice becomes a whole new magical beast when we open the systems that are draining toxins from our bodies!! 

You will realize that you have amazing super powers at your fingertips, and you will learn how to use them! This could set you up for life!

You will take home simple practices that will only take a few minutes each morning to maintain your physical and internal balance, wellbeing and harmony. 


Step into 2022 like you have never stepped into a year before!!


Cancellation up to 48 hours prior to event date is possible subject to a $5 cancellation fee. Less than 48 hours’ notice of cancellation is only possible if we can fill your place from a wait-list.


Meet Mysan Sidbo

Mysan taught for many years at Qi building a huge following and has gone on to run her own successful studio and build a national reputation as a yin teacher and trainer.

She is a free-spirited adventurer and graduated from the Qi Yoga Teacher Training in 2009. Mysan’s earlier career as a snowboarder in Europe has instilled in her an understanding of both the human side of competitiveness as well as the rewards of physical commitment and dedication. Her passion for yoga, as well as her love for wellbeing and exercise gives her a thorough understanding of how to inspire the human spirit to its edge.

Mysan has a deep knowledge of anatomy and her classes highlight the importance of building balance between body, mind and breath. By emphasizing proper alignment she ensures a safe progression from beginners up to more practiced students.

Mysan combines yoga, breath and positive energy for a holistic approach to yoga resulting in an energetic makeover for the body, mind and soul. You can’t but help join in her wicked chuckle as you smile to yourself at the end of a class with Mysan.


Saturday 26th Feb 2022
2:00 pm - 4:15 pm


Qi Freshwater Studio



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