Transcend into 2024: Immerse Yourself in the Magic of Sound Samadhi’s Unforgettable New Year Event

Sunday 31st Dec 2023

Join Sound Samadhi to celebrate the New Year with an uplifting and transformative evening of mantra, live music, meditation and soulful community connection.  This special event begins with a flower and mantra ceremony (havan) giving us a potent opportunity to let go of 2023 and call in what we want for 2024 to keep growing spiritually.

There will be an extended period of kirtan (singing mantra together) to help us raise our vibration on into 2024. 

There will be breaks too to connect with community in the expanded heart space kirtan creates, and enjoy chai, snacks and bliss balls.

Sound Samadhi kirtan groups East meets West music fuses the traditional with the contemporary and features a variety of instruments including harmonium, guitar, Indian and western drums, manjira, flute and bass guitar.

This event features regular members Geeti (harmonium, manjira) & Gyan (guitar, flute, percussion), along with kirtanist and sound healer Mukti Mignon, and Ateet Sharma (mrdanga drums). Other musicians to be announced!

Please arrive from 6.30pm onwards for a 7pm start

7 – 8.15pm  Havan (mantra ceremony).

8.15 – 8.45pm  Break with chai + snacks.

8.45 – 10.15pm  Kirtan.

10.15 – 10.45pm  Break with chai + prasad.

10.45 – 12.15am  Kirtan + New Year celebration.


This is a safe space to feel, let go, release and express whatever you need to through these yogic practices. All is welcome here.

As we connect authentically to our own voice while also feeling the supportive energy of the group we also help uplift everyone!

Sound Samadhi have shared their love of kirtan monthly since 2011 to serve and nurture community.

More info:


EARLY BIRD (til 30/11/23): $69

GENERAL ADMISSION (from 1/12/23 onwards): $79

Concession: $59*

*Ring Qi yoga reception to book at concession price (Concession available if you a concession card).


What to bring: IMPORTANT: A water bottle.

What to expect: A warm and welcoming community. An experience to nurture and uplift the heart.

What people are saying:

It was ecstatic. I felt like I was entering a different dimension within me.. thank you for bringing so much joy and love to people.” Yulia

Another magical evening of love and devotion. Thank you all!” Kara

Benefits of Mantra & Kirtan:

– Rebalances and restores our energy.

– Improves mood and wellbeing

– Decreases stress, anxiety and depression.

– Increases our feeling of connection to ourselves, others and the world

– Reconnects us to our joyful and blissful nature.

– Cultivates compassion for self and others.

– Regulate breathing, heart rate and blood pressure and settles the nervous system.

– Makes us smile!

Additional information:

What is havan?

Havan is a way to give our heartfelt, energetic support to all beings everywhere, including ourselves, the community and the Earth by offering transformative mantras, flowers and intentions in a yogic ceremony which is thousands of years old. 

What is mantra?

Many of us are familiar with using mantrato connote a word, phrase or affirmation for us to focus on and repeat, which has a positive effect on our wellbeing and life, e.g. Love,’ ‘I am at peace in this moment,or I deserve to find true love.

Mantra has the same meaning and usage in kirtan, except that yogic mantras are in Sanskrit, an ancient Indian language. Better known examples are Om(the Sanskrit equivalent of Amenor Amin), Namaste(meaning greetings to your soul) and Shanti(peace).

Scientific studies attest that chanting mantras like Om for ten minutes can decrease stress, anxiety and depression, relax the body, and bring the heart rate to a regular rhythm and blood pressure to normal levels.

According to yogic texts, Sanskrit mantras are the subtle sound vibrations of the universe and our bodies. Mantra chanting, like planting seeds, can help awaken and make available this energy within us to help fulfil our potential.

What is kirtan?

Kirtan is a group call and response singing yoga practice that helps focus the mind, awaken our energy and open our heart.

It is for the uplifting of everyone, regardless of caste, creed, worldly status or religious inclination.

You dont need any prior experience to take part. This is your personal connection to the peace within you through your unique voice and heart, carried by the collective energy of the group and music.

Kirtan is a wellbeing practice which welcomes us to be who we are, and sing as we are, no matter what is going on in our lives, or however we are feeling.

Kirtan invites us to connect with our singing voice in a way thats safe, non-confrontational, and accessible to everyone – whether we feel shy about singing, have trauma around it, or singing is a complete unknown for us.


Sunday 31st Dec 2023
6:30 pm - 12:30 am


Level 1, 2 Moore Road


EARLY BIRD (til 30/11/23): $69

GENERAL ADMISSION (from 1/12/23 onwards): $79

Concession: $59*

*Ring Qi yoga reception to book at concession price (Concession available if you a concession card).

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