The ‘Rainbow Meditation’ Online Course and 30 Day Challenge

Tuesday 18th Jan 2022

Imagine your…

                     Body Relaxed
                        Vitality Restored
                           Emotions Positive
                              Mind Clear
                                Peace Within
                                    Love Charged
                                       Focus Uplifted
                                       Life Harmonious

This is what daily Rainbow Meditation gives you!

Get stuck into 30 days of Visualisation and put the magic back into your life!

  • A delicious and nurturing Visualisation journey through the 7 Colours.
  • A positive immersion experience guaranteed to put you in a great mood 🙂
  • Transform your day into one of magic – and just plain feel good.

And yes, you can practice this one lying down 😉


What to expect…

Exploring the Rainbow Colours is a rich and interesting experience.

This Meditation is super relaxing, nurturing and restorative.

It’s a real pleasure and a real treat.

It also works as an excellent technique for getting off to sleep at night.

Eventually the Rainbow Meditation flows into the rest of your life, generating a positive boost from within as you move through your day 🙂

   –> 5 weekly live & interactive classes over Zoom

   –> 30 consecutive days x 25 minutes daily self-practice

   –> apply the 7 themes & enrich your daily life

   –> support materials include guided meditation recording + written notes

   –> this course is open to all… feel free to tell your friends!

We’ll practice together as a group every Tuesday evening.
You’ll be expertly guided through the meditation practices by Stephen Cottee (25 years teaching experience and Qi’s main meditation teacher)).
You’ll have the support and motivation of the group to boost your daily meditation routine at home.
You’ll be coached in how to bring the benefits and insights from your meditation into your everyday life.
And we’ll share, learn from and gather strength from each other’s discoveries and experiences as we go.

So… are you ready to ride the Rainbow?

          Where?                over Zoom and in the comfort of your own home
          When?                 five Tuesday evenings
          Dates?                 January 18 – February 15
          What time?         7.30pm-8.30pm


Tuesday 18th Jan 2022 To Tuesday 15th Feb 2022
7:30 pm - 8:30 pm





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