Sound & Vibration Body Work Immersion with Becc

Saturday 7th Oct 2023

Join our incredible sound and vibration practitioner, Becc Gray, joined by Sophie on a 2 hour long journey of sound healing and full body vibration. 

You will be guided into a deep state of peace and relaxation as you are wrapped in a cocoon of healing sounds and vibration of Nepali bowls, chimes, crystal bowls, drums and much more. 

This is a rare chance to experience hands on vibration techniques by a certified practitioner to harmonise and raise the frequency of your entire being using Nepali bowls and tuning forks that are placed directly on the body aligning with the bodies own natural rhythms. 

The perfect way to end the week and float into the weekend… 

We cannot wait for you to join us! 


Saturday 7th Oct 2023
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Qi Freshwater
2 Moore rd, Freshwater 2096



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