SOMA Awakening Breathwork

Saturday 2nd Dec 2023

SOMA Awakening Journey

Immerse yourself in the SOMA Awakening Journey— a transformative breathwork experience for personal growth, exploration, and inspiration.

In this journey, you will be expertly guided through breathing techniques designed to transport you into a deep state of presence and relaxation, silencing mental chatter to reveal your innate wisdom, resourcefulness, and creativity.

No matter what unfolds, you’ll emerge from the journey feeling both refreshed and invigorated.

Original music created for breathwork

Your journey will be accompanied by original music created by SOMA Breath for breathwork.

Rhythmic breathing is the foundation of SOMA, and it’s the synergy with the musical tracks that makes the experience so immersive and effective.

Different journeys use different tracks in a variety of styles, so each session is a unique experience.

Unlock your inner wisdom

Shamans have long ago discovered that breaking out of our usual ways of being and mental patterns is a powerful way to achieve greater insight and personal breakthroughs. The SOMA Awakening Journey offers a contemporary, safe way to explore this wisdom.

How does it work? Your breath serves as a conduit for connecting more deeply with your experience. This brings you into embodied presence and wisdom, empowering you to experience yourself in new ways.

What makes this journey unique

Breathwork is widely acknowledged for its capacity to facilitate emotional processing.

While many styles of breathwork employ highly activating techniques to induce catharsis, SOMA Breath takes a more soothing and blissful approach.

SOMA combines time-tested pranayama techniques with purposefully designed music to help you activate and immerse yourself in nourishing states of relaxation and expansion. In these states, emotions transmute into wisdom, and lasting transformation can take root.

Your experience

Opening circle


 SOMA Awakening Journey

 Integration and closing circle

Event finishes


Everyone is welcome

No experience or knowledge of breath work is required.

If you are pregnant or have any health conditions, please check the FAQ before booking your ticket. Everybody can participate, but certain techniques have contraindications and should not be used in these situations.

The minimum age is 16.


Wear comfortable clothes. Strongly recommend not eating for at least two hours before the workshop. An empty stomach is ideal.



Saturday 2nd Dec 2023
4:00 pm - 6:00 pm


Level 1, 9 The Corso



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