Live Kirtan and Sound Healing with Sound Samadhi

Saturday 29th Jul 2023

Join us for an uplifting evening of healing sounds and soulful community connection with the power of mantra, live music, meditation and sound healing.
Singing mantra together whether it’s your first or hundredth time is a joyful and simple way to calm a busy mind and transform stress into a state of peace, joy and deep inner connection. 
Sound Samadhi kirtan group’s East meets West music fuses the traditional with the contemporary and features a variety of instruments including harmonium, guitar, Indian and western drums, manjira, flute and bass guitar. 
Regular members for this month include Garry Luke (vocals, guitar and bass) and Jiva Berry (percussion, vocals and harmonium). We are delighted to be joined this month by ex full time Sound Samadhi member Divyatma (guitar and vocals) as well as Bhavani (Vocals and Harmonium) and the amazing Stuart Vandegraaff (sax, clarinet and flutes). Geeti and Gyan will be taking a well earned break this month. 
6pm – 9pm (approx) Kirtan and sound bath followed by Prasad (sweet) included.  
Feel free afterwards to hang around and chat as we encourage community at this event. 
This call and response practice is often referred to as the yoga of the heart and has its roots in India with sacred Sanskrit sounds. 
Kirtan invites us to ‘sing like the birds sing, not worrying about who hears or what they think’ (Rumi). It helps to free ourselves from inhibitions and connect us with our innate flow of creative expression that was once so natural to us as children!
The mantras we sing from a variety of cultural traditions charge and vibrate our entire energy system, and help greatly uplift our emotions, mood and wellbeing. 
This is a safe space to feel, let go, release and express whatever you need to. All is welcome here. 
As we connect authentically to our own voice while also feeling the supportive energy of the group we also help uplift everyone! 
Sound Samadhi have shared their love of kirtan monthly since 2011 to serve and nurture community. 
The evening will conclude with a relaxing and integrating sound bath with an option to enjoy a delicious vegan meal afterwards with time to connect and share within a friendly community. 
We would love to share the power of mantra, music, meditation and community connection with you! 
What people are saying:
“It was ecstatic. I felt like I was entering a different dimension within me.. thank you for bringing so much joy and love to people.” Yulya 
“Another magical evening of love and devotion. Thank you all!” Kara
Benefits of Mantra & Kirtan:
*Rebalances and restores our energy.
*Improves mood and wellbeing
*Decreases stress, anxiety and depression.
*Increases our feeling of connection to ourselves, others and the world
*Reconnects us to our joyful and blissful nature. 
*Cultivates compassion for self and others. 
*Regulate breathing, heart rate and blood pressure and settles the nervous system. 
*Makes us smile! 

Saturday 29th Jul 2023 To Saturday 29th Jul 2023
5:45 pm - 9:00 pm


Qi Yoga I Health I Pilates
2 Moore Street



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