LEVEL 2 TEACHER TRAINING: Embodied 5 Element Yoga (100 hours)

Friday 17th Jan 2020

Join Yolande Hyde, one of Sydney’s senior seasonal yoga teachers for a deep and experiential process taking you into the heart of the elements as viewed by the ancient Taoists.
This 100 hour teacher training will develop a skill set based on the 12 meridians and the 5 elements, and the development of a conceptual vocabulary to boost your understanding, experience and delivery of yoga asana.


Many teachers have learned the fundamentals of the system through various Yin Yoga Teacher training courses, others are curious as to how the seasonal philosophy and practice works after gaining an understanding of Ayurveda. 

Join us for this unique teacher training for 2 weekends per season.

This much anticipated teaching program will develop your understanding and application of the 5 element theory in traditional Hatha Yoga.

This course takes that knowledge to a deeper and more embodied level exploring the inner understanding needed to develop a unique language through which teachers can communicate the elements, the channels and the seasons they serve.


Course delivery: The course will be made up of 2 weekends per season taken over 12 months of study. This gives you a chance to immerse yourself in the element and refine your perception and empathy according to what is at play in the environment during the course of the study. Some lectures, where weather permits, may be held outdoors in those elements themselves.

Each session will include pranayama, meditation, asana, lecture and some partner work.

The course starts with the Fire element in January and concludes with the Water element in July 2020.


This training is designed specifically for qualified Yoga Teachers and assumes a baseline understanding of the major groups of asanas and how to communicate them in a class setting.
Minimum prior qualification 200 hours.

All course participants are eligible for CPD points or can count this course towards an upgrade in your qualification and teaching to level 2 through Yoga Australia.


Meet Yolande Hyde

A student of Iyengar yoga from her teens, Yolande went on to be among the early wave of Japanese Yoga teachers in Australia. She developed an instant affinity with the concept and practice of 5 Element Theory, the Mother system to modern day Traditional Chinese Medicine which folded naturally into the foundation of Iyengar Yoga practice and teaching.

Her teaching style is steeped in this story telling, metaphor and embodied inquiry – something for which she has become known and loved by her students.


Course Outline

Philosophy and history of Traditional Chinese Medicine as a practice

* Daoist theory, philosophy and principles as they relate to Yoga practice

* Yin & Yang theory, philosophy and principles as they relate to Yoga  practice

The Vital Substances

* Definition, production, function, implications, and relevance to Yoga of Chi, blood, Jin Ye and Jing

Aetiology (Causes of Disharmony)

* An introduction to the causes and mechanisms of disease including; Internal, External, Yin, Yang, Hot, Cold, Excess, Deficiency. 

* An introduction to the creative and control cycle of the 5 Element wheel. 

The Elements in Detail

* A look into the seasonal qualities of each element as well as the common states of deficiency and excess that accompany it.

* Function and physiology of each of the 12 channels and their relevance to Yoga asana.

* Examining how each element fits into the 5 Element wheel and what its major influences are within that understanding.

* Learning the course and direction of each of the channels on the body.

This topic also incudes a conceptual journal to develop a wider language with which to describe the effects and influences of the   seasonal work on a personal level.

Yoga Postures by Element

* A closer look at the elements, organs and the postures that influence them. Included in this topic is the introduction of therapeutic postures, variations of known postures and the application of postures as either releasing or tonifying.

Conceptual Exploration of the 5 Element Theory

* An inquiry and exploration of the language of the 5 Elements and how it can be woven into the fabric of the practice to enhance  the work of the asanas and the intention of the practice itself.


Attend 2 non-residential weekends per season
(1 x Friday 6 – 9pm and 2 x Saturdays 10 am – 6pm)

Fire Element

January 2020

 Fri 17 / Sat 18 and 25

Earth Element

February 2020

 Fri 21 / Sat 22 and 29

Metal Element

May 2020

 Fri 1 / Sat 2 and 9

Water Element

June & July 2020

Fri 26 / Sat 27 and July 4

Wood Element

October 2020

 Fri 16  /  Sat 17  and 24


Qi Yoga considers an applicant to be enrolled as a Teacher Training student on our course when they meet the following criteria:

  • A student application form has been submitted
  • The student has been accepted into the program by our teachers
  • Full payment has been received.






The following course fee options are available:

  1. Full tuition of $2645 / $2345 Early Bird
    payable in full 4 weeks before the commencement of the course.
  2. Seasonal module payment of $590 payable in full 4 weeks before the commencement of the course

Qi Yoga reserves the right to cancel any course due to unforeseen circumstance and a full refund will be given.

Please note the following policy with regards to withdrawal from courses:

Withdrawal from training prior to four weeks before course commencement:
20% of the course fee is forfeited

  1. Where withdrawal from the course takes place after course commencement no refund is available
    however a partial refund may be available in some extenuating circumstances.
  2. If the student is required to repeat a module due to non-attendance or failure, this must be done at
    student’s cost.

A minimum of 80% attendance in order to achieve certification.
All planned absences must be pre-approved by the course director. Students can make up for missed hours above the 20% allowable by arranging with the module teachers to cover the material missed in private sessions at the student’s expense.

In order to graduate from the course, a student must:

  • Complete all set assignment work
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the course material in practical terms.ie demonstrated competency
  • Have recorded no less than 80% attendance for each course module

Friday 17th Jan 2020 To Saturday 24th Oct 2020


Qi Freshwater Studio


Full course regular $2,645
Seasonal Session only $590

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