Interpersonal Process Group Therapy to improve your capacity for meaningful relationships

Wednesday 12th Oct 2022

This process group will provide a safe and supportive environment in which participants can express a variety of feelings and collaborate with others to increase self-awareness and have more meaningful relationships both within, and outside, the group.  

Starting date is Wednesday 12 October ongoing every 2nd Wednesday.


Often, individuals are attracted to this type of group therapy if they have experienced distressing or difficult interpersonal relationships or have unexpressed feelings that may interrupt their ability to develop and maintain healthy relationships, typically they want to feel better about themselves and also find more fulfilment in their interpersonal relationships.


*Discovering and accepting previously unknown parts of yourself

*Learning to express what is bothering you rather than holding it in

*Sharing thoughts of one another openly and honestly

*Learning to take responsibility for your choices and the way you live your life

*Feeling more trusting of others

*Witnessing the vulnerability and courage of others helps you do the same

For a brief introduction and to meet Michael, who is an addiction and interpersonal process group therapist and clinical educator via our Zoom Q&A session on Wednesday 21st September between 7pm-7:30pm

Contact us at: or phone 9976 6880 Qi reception to be emailed the Zoom link

(This type of group therapy will be very difficult and not therapeutic for an individual experiencing psychosis, mania, or someone not interested in increasing their self-awareness or collaborating with others)



Wednesday 12th Oct 2022 To Wednesday 20th Dec 2023
6:30 pm - 8:30 pm


Qi Yoga Manly
Level 1, 9 The Corso


$70 PP per session

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