Healing the heart: A journey back to joy

Sunday 29th Oct 2023

As humans we go through many traumatic experiences in this and other lifetimes; such experiences are often acts of awakening, inviting us to go deeper into our own being and into the mysteries of life. Yet, at the same time, such awakenings can lead to unresolved trauma and pain that prevent us from being the highest expression of our souls and living life to the fullest. Healing the Heart enables you to resolve trauma from the past and to re-awaken to the beauty of life. By discovering the purpose these experiences have served, you will be able to walk your path in bliss, inner power and knowledge of your life’s purpose.

Healing the Heart is a 4-part programme comprised of journeys to different parts of your soul and sacred places in the world. We will connect with sacred sites, the four elements and various aspects of yourself as an enlightened being. We will work with sound, meditation, light and the Divine Presence Spiritual Essences. As part of the Australian Bush Flower Spiritual Essences, the four essences nurture deep healing, spiritual growth, and self-
discovery, connecting you with higher realms for profound inner transformation and expanded consciousness. 

Healing the heart allows for deep healing, transformation and integration. You are provided with continuous support throughout the journey and are being held in a safe container. You can choose to come to one or all four of the journeys; simply trust that your intuition will guide you what is best for you at this moment in time.

What to expect:
✴ Sacred space
✴ Cacao or blue lotus flower ceremony
✴ Traditional pranayama
✴ Meditation with a specific purpose
✴ Sound bath
✴ Raised frequency & energy levels
✴ Integration
✴ Connection & community

What to bring:
✴ A water bottle, a blanket, a cushion or anything that will make you comfortable lying
down for about 30-45 min.
✴ Further Instructions will be sent out via email 24 hours prior to the event.


Sunday 29th Oct 2023
4:30 pm - 6:00 pm





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