Childhood Trauma Workshop

Saturday 1st Oct 2022

Deepen your understanding of C-PTSD from a clinician with lived experience in this 4 hour intensive workshop. 
C-PTSD affects 25% of the population, yet most clinicians lack an understanding of this deeply challenging condition and its appropriate treatment. Whether you are a C-PTSD survivor or have a loved one who is, the aim of this interactive workshop is to unpack the relational trauma of C-PTSD and help you understand its causes and manifestations as well as the trauma recovery process.
Areas covered include:
– Case study of C-PTSD: the facilitator’s recovery trajectory
– Importance of appropriate diagnosis and psycho-education
– Attachment and parenting styles and their consequences
– Adverse Childhood Experiences test
– C-PTSD and the formation of the “False self”
– Interpersonal coping styles
– Co-dependent and Persecutor adaptations
– Parentification and its impact
– Important traits and symptoms not normally identified by clinicians
– Treatment modalities suited for different stages of the recovery process
– Unhelpful treatment modalities and approaches – how to avoid being (re)traumatised by a clinician
who lacks the appropriate understanding and skills to help C-PTSD survivors
– Important non-clinical supports
– Recommended reading and resources

Michael is an addiction and interpersonal process group psychotherapist as well as a psycho- education facilitator and clinical educator. His clinical background includes working for Royal North Shore Hospital Herbert Street Clinic and Northside Clinic as an addiction therapist, as well as teaching trauma-informed care and counselling skills at Diploma and Master level. Michael is a member of Psychotherapists and Counsellors Federation of Australia, and his
qualifications include Master of Adult Education (HR Development), Master of Ethics and Legal Studies (Managing Change) and Master of Counselling and Psychotherapy. He has completed
training in Gestalt and Psychodynamic counselling skills, among others. Michael is a childhood trauma survivor and a recovering co-dependent who has completed extensive course of his own 1:1 and group psychotherapy. He is an active member of the Adult Children of Alcoholics & Dysfunctional Families 12-step fellowship and has a deep commitment to raising awareness of, and facilitating recovery from, Complex-PTSD. Michael has 30 years of Complex-PTSD
recovery experience, which has included various wrong-turns as well as breakthroughs, and is uniquely placed to speak on the topic of Complex-PTSD.


Saturday 1st Oct 2022
9:00 am - 1:00 pm


Qi Manly


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