Anahata Workshop: Heart Centre clearing – Opening to Love/ Joy/ Compassion

Saturday 21st Oct 2023

Are you living your life in a way that encourages peace, harmony, happiness. and emotional freedom ?
To live from our Heart is to live a life of freedom and meaning. When the energetic heart is cleared, we can fully feel  and receive Love , Joy , Peace and Bliss.
In this workshop we’ll explore the Fourth Chakra, and how by balancing and purifying this energetic centre (known as the ” Gateway from the lower to the higher Chakras ” ), we can begin to free ourselves from limitation – Old griefs, hurts and ” stuck ” energy, which often prevent us from moving forward in life, as there is a tendency to repeat old patterns which are derived from fear, not from love.
When we balance , purify & gently open Anahata (the Sansrkit name for the Heart Centre ) we are aligned with our authentic self, our spiritual self –  we can live our lives in a loving, joyful and open-hearted way.
In this fun and practical workshop we will explore Asana (there will be the option of backbends !  tailored for all levels , with options and modifications, & also  delicious restorative postures to settle into deep rest after ), Meditation, Mantra and Guided visualisations.
Students will receive a personal take home practice, to support the clearing of Heart energy, and practical tools to assist with moving the energy and awakening Anahata Chakra.
Please Bring a pen and paper (or Journal ) , any personal props and a crystal or personal item if you like to place in the Altar.

Saturday 21st Oct 2023
3:00 pm - 5:00 pm


QI Freshwater



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