25th Anniversary Pre-natal Yoga (virtual) Reunion Photos

Saturday 16th Jan 2021

Mary-Louise Parkinson has taught pre-natal yoga
at the Qi Yoga studio for 25 years!!!

Due to the uncertainty around public gatherings we’ve changed this event to simply ask you to send in photos of you and your child instead of gathering in person.
Photos can be emailed to yoga@qiyoga.net

To mark this incredible anniversary we’d love to invite as many past pre-natal yoga mums to send a photo to mark the occasion and we will find a way to publish or share these memories with Mary-Louise.

The more the merrier, to celebrate an amazing chapter of your life and to acknowledge an amazing teacher who loves supporting all expecting mums-to-be.

If you are still in touch with mums from your pre-natal classes, please spread the word and invite them to attend too!


Saturday 16th Jan 2021




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