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A 6 week foundation course in yoga for all ages, sharing postures, techniques and the attitudes that help you find happiness, balance and wisdom

Experience how nurturing, how easy and how effective even a short, simple meditation practice can be when you’ve been shown the right way to approach it.

A bliss-filled 5-day Yin training to delve into applied anatomy and physiology, Taoist inspired meditation, Chinese Medicine, many hours of delicious Yin Yoga practices and ultimately, a deep state of bliss.

If you love yoga, dance and movement, you're going to love this; moving from form to formlessness, from asana to free flow dance and back again. It is free-form movement meditation to music, to liberate your creative life-force.

Nev will open up a sacred space and welcome you all with a cleansing of sage. You will be gently guided in meditation then immersed in sound, with the healing vibrations of the Shamanic Drum, Crystal Pyramids, Singing Bowls and Chakra Chimes.

Immerse yourself in a  blissful 2 hour workshop to help relieve common muscular aches and pains using Myofascial release techniques, yin yoga and rest..

Escape to a beautiful rural venue in a new Eco-Village to explore what makes a sustainable yoga practice in a sustainable environment to create a sustainable life....spirit in action in simple ways both on and off the yoga mat. Nourish your body, mind, spirit (and tummy with lunch!)

Reawaken your Goddess- Healing of the Sacred Feminine is a night of reconciliation for all women. Through the ancient practice of Kundalini Yoga, Pranayama, mantras, meditations and sound journey we create a conducive space for healing of women and the divine feminine.

Find organic movement patterns centred on the breath and build these into an intoxicating yoga flow to reveal new -and often surprising- possibilities in your practice. Practiced to a specially-compiled music mix, expect to grin like an idiot and sweat your prayers as we lead up to Savasana and Meditation to finish with a sweet stillness in your heart.

Unwind in a soothing journey through the senses in a 2 hour yin yoga and sound healing journey. Be serenaded by heavenly sounds and taken to new levels of relaxation and release by esteemed teacher Cristina Berrios

Nurture your creative and playful self in a supportive environment using practises and approaches from Transpersonal Art Therapy.

Learn how to Jump back and jump through like a Boss! You'll discover how to float through your asana practice without creating muscle fatigue in Ashtanga and Vinyasa yoga.

Two blissful hours of focused attention on you – your mind, body and your goals. Yin. Intention setting. Meditation with experienced teacher guide and coach Sherrie Laryse

Learn to read Tarot in an Integrative approach for developing intuition and personal growth over 8 enjoyable weeks with Simone Padilhe

Little kids, big kids and kids-at-heart come together in a light-hearted environment for individual, partner and family yoga fun. For kids aged 3 - 12 years with their family.

During this 2 hour workshop you will be guided through Yin Yoga techniques to open the body from head to toe whilst incorporating simple breathing  techniques for a meditative experience.

Throughout history women have gathered in sacred circles to empower each other, to share wisdom, to laugh and to nurture each other. This intimate gathering is for like-minded women to come together for authentic connection, to support each other, to share and to co-create. When women gather in a Sacred Circle, magic happens!

Bring your partner and join pre-natal expert Mary-Louise for an afternoon to Educate, Inspire, Empower and Nurture yourself and learn to involve your partner in Labour

Let your senses come alive on the Central Coast at Narara Ecovillage for a magical day of discovery with 3 local experts guiding you into the realms of Birds, Yoga and Rainforest.