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India can be daunting so let us handle the hassles as you explore the colour, magic and spiritual heart of India with our 2020 Yoga tour. Slideshow and chai as you meet your guide and dream of adventures this October!

Learn practices to unlock the power of universal love within you. Using yoga (for all abilities), meditation, mantra, mudras and more for a rich afternoon of wisdom and practice.

Immerse yourself into the Discovery of The Five Branches of Meditation, PLUS 5 High-Powered Hacks skilled Meditators use to Guarantee Great Results.

Reduce stress and anxiety. Increase wellbeing and resilience. This 8-week course is the most comprehensive, highly-regarded mindfulness course around. It's been tried and tested for over 30 years in clinical settings with an abundance of research to back it up.

My Mantra for Autumn practices is “Low, Slow, Flow”. Share a special seasonal practice to achieve an effortless sense of balance and happiness especially made for Autumn.

More than a 'sightseeing trip' - This is sightseeing with soul. Discover yourself as you journey with like-minded friends and let India work her magic! See the incredible colour, culture, beauty, life and spiritual heart of India in a breath-taking journey.