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Reduce stress and anxiety. Increase wellbeing and resilience. This 8-week course is the most comprehensive, highly-regarded mindfulness course around. It's been tried and tested for over 30 years in clinical settings with an abundance of research to back it up.

Experience how nurturing, how easy and how effective even a short, simple meditation practice can be when you’ve been shown the right way to approach it.

A must for all yoga teachers, and great for parents, surfers, office workers...everyone! The SLSA run training is essential for all teachers. Renew CPR or get Full 1st Aid Certificate

If you love yoga, dance and movement, you're going to love this; moving from form to formlessness, from asana to free flow dance and back again. It is free-form movement meditation to music, to liberate your creative life-force.

Discover the healing practice of myofascial release and improve the stretch reflex of muscles, lymphatic circulation and blood oxygen levels and relax contracted fascia for pain-free movement.

Join Maureen and learn techniques that will deepen your understanding of Myofascial Release by using props and asanas (body postures) to increase the effect.

Samadhi is the supreme state of liberation or bliss, which is the ultimate goal of all yoga.

This healing workshop includes sharing, guided meditation, gentle yoga movements and guided relaxation to rediscover that brave, strong, smart, beautiful, mature, woman you really are.  One who is loved, who can accept everything that has led her to be who she truly is…. YOU.

A fun hip-opening workshop exploring the importance of safe hip-opening movements to develop your mobility. The hips are the central -and pivotal- joint in the body for our entire posture and healthy, open hips can help reduce back-pain, knee problems and add to your quality of connection to your abdominals and life!

This comprehensive yin sequence offers deep hydration and nutrification of the tendons, ligaments, bones and muscles in your hips. Find a new sense of physical freedom in your body.  

Unwind in a soothing journey through the senses in a 2 hour yin yoga and sound healing journey. Be serenaded by heavenly sounds and taken to new levels of relaxation and release by esteemed teacher Cristina Berrios

Enjoy a relaxing and uplifting experience that will help you to transform your vibrational frequency! A chance to connect with ourselves and like-minded people in a beautiful evening filled with love and good vibrations.

Part spiritual odyssey, part adventure, part holiday and serious fun! Find Inner Grace in a blissful week of Yoga, relaxation and wonder.