To Gluten or Not To Gluten: by Nutritionist Nikki Wood

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How many of you are already avoiding gluten because you think it’s ‘healthier’? How many of you that said “yes” are merely doing it as an excuse for a low-carb diet, with a view to weight loss? The truth is many people nowadays are avoiding gluten, and for some it’s Read More

The Same Old Story….by Charlotte Messervy

Blog 2

I want people to think I’m smart.  Coffee is delicious.  I hate a cappella.  Snakes are terrifying. These are just a few of the stories I’ve been telling for as long as I can remember.  I’ve told them so many times that I’ve honestly forgotten that my stories aren’t, in Read More


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TRANSFORMING STRONG EMOTIONS According to both Ayurvedic & Chinese medicine and their corresponding Yoga traditions of Hatha & Qigong, trapped or suppressed emotions are at the root of most physical diseases, as well as mental illness. Toxic emotions store in the nervous system, organs, fascia and muscles of the body and Read More

20 Conditions you didn’t know Hypnosis could Help

Blog 4

What is hypnosis? While there is no debate as to whether hypnosis works. However science simply cannot agree on what it is and how it works. The British Society of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis states: “In therapy, hypnosis usually involves the person experiencing a sense of deep relaxation with their Read More

Mums! 3 Simple Habits to Regain Your Mojo…and a Special $40 offer for February

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By Sacha Crouch, Psychologist and Life Coach, at Qi Manly Do you feel like you can’t cope another day with the endless demands of being a parent? Do you find yourself screaming at your kids (or husband) rather than parenting from your inner Zen Master? Panic attacks? Anxiety? Emotional Exhaustion? Read More

Can non-stealing lead to abundance? by guest blogger Charlotte Messervy

Blog 6

I’ve finally begun a longtime dream of mine: training to be a yoga teacher. The 420-hour course I am on will run throughout an eleven-month period. It is held on Sundays, which allows me to keep living my life without stopping everything, as well as letting me learn the content Read More

The Cost of Karma: by guest blogger Charlotte Messervy

Blog 7

My boyfriend Mike is an optimist – he believes in the power of positive thinking and takes that belief a step further into action. He feels that with just your positive thoughts, you can manifest change. This is very simple to put into practice.  Depending on your religion, you could Read More

Why Somatic Movement is so Effective in Eliminating Muscular Pain

Blog 8

Yoga and Somatic Movement pioneer Tanya Fitzpatrick is returning to Sydney to offer the first training in this method in July. We asked her to tell us more about what to expect from her training and this method which she has shared around the globe. “One question I get asked all the Read More

What Bananarama taught me about Yoga

Blog 9

In the 1980’s girl band Bananarama teamed up with Fun Boy 3 to produce a catchy little hit which taught me most of what I know about Yoga postures: “it ain’t what you do, it’s the way that you do it… That’s what gets results” Remember it now? This simple mantra Read More

The Tongue Never Lies

Blog 10

While we might let slip a few white lies across our tongue from time to time, the surface of our tongue can’t help but speak the truth. In Ayurveda, the traditional medicine system of India, the tongue is considered the emissary of the digestive tract. I like thinking of it Read More

  • How to make your health and your practice a priority
  • Once we get clear on our values, our priorities shift.
    One of the biggest things I’ve come to understand when people tell me they want to be healthier, happier and start getting into good practices but don’t know how. . .
    Is that it’s all about getting real on your values and priorities.

  • Why is it hard to meditate? Even when we know the benefits? By Rachel Long
  • You value your health and wellbeing right? You eat well, exercise regularly, go to a regular yoga class where you Read More

  • How mindfulness works with strong emotions. By Rachel Long
  • A big feeling caught me by surprise recently. Within moments of reading an email, my rational mind shut down, my Read More

  • 4 ways mindfulness helps with stress. By Rachel Long
  • Fascinating research by neuroscientist Sara Lazar showed mindfulness meditation practitioners, even after just 8 weeks of practising, had a reduction in amygdala activity

  • Maybe you don’t have to always be “your best self”
  • There’s a common meme -and many books- these days suggesting we should aspire to “be our best self”. This taps Read More