Zara Salih

Birthplace? England

When did you move to OZ? June 2019

What’s your signature dish? That would be my signature on a dish 🙂

Tea or Coffee? Ooh that’s a tough one as the coffee is so good here but I would have to say a cup of tea or chai

Favourite café? There are so many amazing cafes in Manly I honestly don’t think that I could choose one. If I am being health-conscious it would be Dolce Terra. If I am in the mood for an indulgent sweet treat it would be Rollers. Otherwise I love Mulatto Coffee!

Cat or Dog? I am definitely feline. Having said that, cavoodles have absolutely won me over since moving to Manly. If anyone has a cavoodle that they need looking after whilst away for a weekend or holiday please be sure to let me know!

Star Sign? Cancer (of course).

What quote do you live by? Be the energy you wish to attract.

What Yoga style do you practice? I practice a mix of different yoga styles. In London I fell in love with Jivamukti Yoga and flirted with Kundalini Yoga. More broadly speaking I enjoy practising hatha flow, vinyasa and yin yoga. It all very much depends on how I am feeling energetically and which season I find myself in.

How did you start yoga? I found yoga when I was working in a human rights law firm in London and I was struggling to manage a healthy work-life balance.

Can you sum up what Yoga gives to you in a few words? Presence, gratitude, curiosity, play, relaxation, breath-awareness and joy 🙂

When and where did you do your first Teacher Training? Koh Tao in Thailand in September 2017. It was a magical month which will stay with me forever!

Favourite pose? Ooh that would suggest attachment to a posture! I do love a good arm balance though.

Least favourite pose? Probably shoulderstand.

If you could study with any teacher, who would it be and why? Myself! We can certainly learn a lot from others but self-study is such a great way to practise and improve self-awareness. It provides a beautiful opportunity for checking in with one’s own mind space and thoughts.

Best in-class blooper? Oh la la. If you were in THAT class on that rooftop in Morocco after a full day of surfing you will have witnessed a good handful of bloopers! All surf-induced 😀

Where would be your ultimate Yoga retreat destination? I am still trying to make up my mind on that one. We are spoilt for choice in New South Wales alone, nevermind the rest of the world.

What do you love most about your job? Seeing people laugh and smile on the mat. It brings me so much joy!

What have you given up to teach yoga? A respectful salary, paid annual leave and sick leave… *laugh-cry*.

What have you gained by teaching yoga? Purpose, happiness, much better overall mental and physical wellbeing and a lifestyle which I love.

What did you learn from Lockdown(s)? Tell people how much you love them frequently and share with them why you appreciate them. Spend more time with the people you love. Try your best to seize the day – book the flight, go to the live music event, get brunch with your pals because you just never know what is around the corner and you absolutely have to make the most of your life while you can.

If you could talk to your pre-yoga self, what would you tell her? Zara, listen to all the people around you telling you that you should take up yoga and book your first class already!

What hobbies/activities do you have outside yoga? Surfing, stand-up paddleboard yoga, salsa, indoor rock-climbing and live music.

How long have you taught at Qi? Since October 2021. I hope to flow with you very soon!

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