Stephanie Moody

Birthplace?  Sydney !!! (But from British moving-aroundy parents )

When did you move to OZ ? Moved back to U.K when I was about 4 yrs………..then moved to Oz around 1994

What’s your signature dish?  Veggie yummy bake

Tea or Coffee? Both

Favourite café?  Megalong Tearooms in the Blue Mountains

Cat or Dog? Have cats, want dogs also …but cats are easier & more freedom !

Star Sign? Aries Cusp with Taurus (So I’m a Ram AND A Bull !!)

What quote do you live by ?     “ Be still and All the treasures of the Universe will come to you……..”

What Yoga style do you practice? Ashtanga, and Classical Hatha – Ishta Kriyas (pranayama & Meditation )

How did you start yoga?    I began standing on my head randomly as a party trick (weirdly enough I could balance on my head even before learning yoga – and even after a couple of drinks !…I put this down to many past lives as a Yogi?? 

Then I went travelling in 1994/5   spending six months India and Nepal as a backpacker where I had many synchronicities, met several Yoga masters, had a sort of mini “ awakening” and I became obsessed with spirituality. I did the 10 day Vipassana silent retreat (I was pretty young ) and spent 6 weeks in silence practising Theravaden Buddhism & Meditation with the monks and nuns in a Thai Wat. So that was the start of it all. I had a huge thirst, it was never physical…I genuinely just wanted to become enlightened (but I’m still working on that!)

Can you sum up what Yoga gives to you in a few words?   Insight, tolerance , acceptance, Vision, peace, expansion, unity, lightness

When and where did you do your first Teacher Training?    : Qi Yoga of course about 12 years ago  after my initial experiences exploring deep into Meditation 

Favourite pose?         Hmmmm…. too many; I love Camel for it’s heart-opening aspect , but I love hugging a bolster in childpose and just letting go into breath.

Least favourite pose?      Definitely Shalabhasana (Locust.) My legs only lift about half a centimetre , unless I have a blanket under my hips/ pelvis !

If you could study with any teacher, who would it be and why? Hard question !!   Babaji, or perhaps one of the Rinpoche’s…Mooji…or Alan Finger (ISHTA Yoga) as he’s authentic to the tradition of true Yoga.

Best in-class blooper: My friend Audrey came to my class and thought I said scrotum instead of sacrum. I can tell you she’s French & this definitely wasn’t the case. However I do mix up very basic body parts at times but usually manage to correct myself !!

Lululemon or Dharmabums?    DB’S ALL THE WAY= Ethical and Sustainable !!!!

Where would be your ultimate Yoga retreat destination? The Himalayas OR Bali (because I love tropical climates !! )

What do you love most about your job?         The students: and also no matter how shitty I feel – I always feel better after teaching as it connects me back to spirit

What have you given up to teach yoga?    A proper income !

What have you gained by teaching yoga?      Insight into myself and others, and I’m ALWAYS learning, and still have so much to learn

If you could talk to your pre-yoga self, what would you tell her? Deep breathing , slow conscious breath changes your head space and relaxes your nervous system – do it daily! Pray and meditate/practise yoga with intention daily and your life will change. Believe in yourself and TRUST

What hobbies/activities do you have outside yoga?    Surfing, Ocean swims or floats, Hiking/bushwalking, patting/pampering and playing with my cats, patting other peoples’ dogs , I love travelling to new places and meeting quirky people, singing and dancing (these are usually done in my lounge or kitchen!), gardening , talking to flowers or plants and connecting with the birds

How long have you taught at Qi? 11 years and counting

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