Maureen Jensen

Birthplace: Born in Brisbane, Queensland

Signature dish?: Vegetarian Antipasto Frittata

Tea or Coffee? Coffee

Favourite cafe?: The Boathouse Palm Beach

Cat or Dog: Dog

Star sign: Gemini

Quote you live by: “Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray.”   – Rumi

What yoga style do you practice?: Hatha and Yin

How did you start yoga? Member of a gym that had different yoga classes. I did a restorative style Yin class each Saturday morning, that’s where I could see the benefits of a regular practice. After experiencing a few injuries I joined a yoga studio and that commenced the “dive down the rabbit hole.”

What has yoga given you? Yoga reminds me to breathe, be present and pause. In the words of Bernie Clark “We don’t use our body to get into a pose, we use the pose to get into our body”

Teacher Training: Qi Health & Yoga graduated 2019

Favourite pose: Standing Balance poses

Least favourite: Bakasana,

If you could study with any teacher, who would it be and why? Bernie Clark. Hatha & Yin classes. His manner, method, knowledge and sense of humour.

Best in class blooper?: cueing students in a balancing pose to raise standing leg & then making a joke “I’m going to teach you to levitate before Xmas.”

Lululemon or Dharmabums? Lululemon

Where would be your ultimate Yoga retreat destination? Cambodia

What do you love most about your job? creating and sharing a space with like minded souls. The continual learning. Sharing my love and passion.

What have you given up to teach yoga?: my TT at Qi was on each Sunday from January -December (except for about 6 Sunday’s), so I feel I gave up family time.

What have you gained by teaching yoga? In the words of Alan Watts “ The real secret of life -to be completely engaged with what you are doing and instead of calling it work, realise it is play.”
Practicing yoga is something that is not a work out but a work in. I have learnt the ability to pause.

Activities outside yoga?  Daily walks in nature with my daschunds. Strength & stability weight
workouts, caring for my 100 indoor plants, Bush conservation (I live on the back of a nature
reserve) catching up with friends, travelling overseas.

How long taught at Qi?  Since October 2020.

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