Celeste Ferraris: Dynamic Hatha, Vinyasa,

Physically – Canberra, Psychologically – Italy, Spiritually – The Universe

What’s your signature dish? 
Chocolate chip banana pancakes (grain free)

Tea or Coffee?
Green tea

Favourite café?
COOH at North Curl Curl

Cat or Dog? Dog

Star Sign? Libra

What quote do you live by?   
When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be

What Yoga style do you practice?
Dynamic Hatha

How did you start yoga?
In the reverse order than usual, meditation led me to yoga.

Can you sum up what Yoga gives to you in a few words?
Yoga gives me, me.

When and where did you do your first Teacher Training?
Qi Health & Yoga – still to this day the most rounded, balanced and enriching course available.

Favourite pose?
Svarga Dvijasana (Bird of Paradise pose).  Right at the very end of moving into pose, I feel an expansion of pranic energy – my hips open, my legs extend and my heart centre lifts and opens

Least favourite pose?
I honestly don’t have one

If you could study with any teacher, who would it be and why?
Krishnamacharya – to be immersed in his blended focus of breath, prana, mental focus, right knowledge and asana

Best in-class blooper? 
(In Paschimottanasana) pull your buttocks out from underneath you, yoga is probably the only place you will do this…….or maybe not (noooooo did I just say that???!!)

Lululemon or Dharmabums?

Where would be your ultimate Yoga retreat destination?
Right now it would be the mountains, blending with their humbling, grounding, divine, expansive energy and breathing in the crisp, clean, saturating, prana rejuvenating air

What do you love most about your job?
Seeing the lightness, peace and bliss on everyone’s faces at the end of practice

What have you given up to teach yoga?
False self-perceptions, defences and fears – still more to go!

What have you gained by teaching yoga? 
Every time I teach I gain connection, balance and perspective

If you could talk to your pre-yoga self, what would you tell her? 
Trust.  Trust that peace will come, healing will occur and lightness will slowly return.

What hobbies/activities do you have outside yoga?
Playing with Rocket (little shit-zu x poodle), studying nutritional medicine (I’m thriving learning about nutrition and health), meditation (the foundation of my life), cooking scrumptious food and bringing a smile and laughter to my partners face

How long have you taught at Qi?
 11 joyous and privileged years

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