Qi Health & Yoga aims to provide everything to help you transform your health – and your life – under one roof (well two roofs actually as we have two centres!)
All our classes and health treatments aim to help you find balance in a busy world.

Starting Yoga & Pilates

Our award winning centres offer over 70 classes each week so there is something to suit beginners to advanced students in virtually every style of yoga & pilates.

Dive in with our $88 for one month unlimited Intro Offer.

About Natural Healing

Qi has been an oasis of calm and healing on the Northern Beaches since early 2001 and continues to attract the cream of Sydney’s teachers and therapists. Our goal is to provide easy access to classes and practitioners in a beautiful environment. Come and see us soon!

What is Qi?

Qi means “life-force”. This is the same life-giving energy represented by Prana in Yoga or Qi in oriental medicine.
Our classes and treatments try to increase this precious energy in all of us leading to transformation of our health, vitality and wisdom.

Qi Health & Yoga was opened in 2001 to inspire people from all walks of life to find greater health, happiness and meaning in their daily lives.


I’ve practiced yoga in Australia (many places), in the US, in Brazil, Costa Rica, Mexico, India… Certainly at Qi is where I had the best classes and gorgeous loving teachers ??‍♀️❤️

Heloisa Monteiro

Love Qi; not at all pretentious just deeply real and intimate teaching learning and growing together #community

Desiree Hough

Qi has a heart and it’s beating love, nurture and service with integrity, no BS. I am really grateful, it’s part of my life. 


I wanted to say how much I enjoyed my first experience and how welcome I felt. I was a little nervous as I have never done yoga before but I absolutely loved it! 

I didn’t catch the ladies name who welcomed me at reception but she was very warm and welcoming. Explained everything and answered any questions I had. The Yin Yoga itself was beautiful….I loved every second. 

Looking forward to my next one ?


Hello I am an annual visitor to Qi and wanted to let you know how much I enjoy and learn from your classes. I am always warmly welcomed and the teachers are so nurturing.
I always go home having gained a great deal both in the physical and emotional sense. Thank you and keep up the amazing service.


There is a HUGE difference with Qi that I have noticed from other studios I have been to & never been able to “get into it”
Qi makes everyone feel welcome! all the teachers remember our names & new comers & the not so experience yogis aren’t shunned to the back of the room! you guys are awesome!!! 🙂


I have been really pleased with my experience teaching at Qi.  I continue to meet people in the community who love practising with us and appreciate the personal attention, safety/comfort level, adjustments and modifications provided.  It is a pleasure to work with like-minded yogis

Jenny Malloy

Sadly next week will be my last week practicing yoga at Qi.  Thank you for all the still moments in between manic moments to breathe & find my true state. And most importantly, for teaching me how to unlock my knees & unclench my jaws after hundreds of classes where I was commanded to “lock my knees”!

Margerie Reys

Congratulations! The new website looks great!

It loads quickly but what I particularly like is that I can log in on the home page and it takes me straight to my log in and the timetable page – it used to be very frustrating to have to go through multiple pages to get to the timetable and then to log on and book my sessions

Hannah Watterson

I started a yoga practice of self care & love with Qi.  I was crunched up from years of demanding corporate living, jamming and surviving with very few moments where I lived and thrived.
Prior to Qi, I practiced an equally crunchy punishing yoga injuring myself by virtually competing through postures holding my breath.  I’m very grateful for the compassionate Hatha & relaxation yoga practice at Qi.  The heart opening postures, the steady breath of my authentic true self and cultivation of the quiet calm energy. Today, I take with me the words “kind thoughts, kind words & kind heart.” Love & light.

Happy Qi student
The classes have been amazing and I am grateful for the experience. I return to England tomorrow but on my next visit will definitely join the yoga classes again. If you have a class in Reading in England do let me know as I have been impressed by the teachers.
Thankyou and kindest regards