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A night of reconciliation for all women. Rediscover your divinity and grace as a women through Kundalini Yoga, Pranayama, Meditations and a Sound Journey.

This five-week Nada Yoga (or ‘sound’ yoga) course will cover the history and science of mantra and sound vibration, and provide an experiential understanding of how and why to incorporate them into your asana, pranayama and meditation practice with leading teacher and kirtanist Shaila.

The Shamanic Journey is a ceremony that opens the space to enter a powerful meditative state.

You're practice is progressing but maybe your teaching is stuck in a rut? This 15 hour module will train you how to be an even more effective, safe and inspiring teacher who really connects with your students (not just be a knowledgeable yogi)

These circles are incredibly powerful portal gateways to new information and new ways of embodiment. They are sacred, safe and supportive, grounded and blended with powerful medicine

Discover the power and benefits of mindfulness in this introductory session

Learn Ashtanga yoga, an exhilarating and flowing Yoga style to develop a light, strong body and a calm mind. For all levels and abilities.

Join Ali to make going upside-down fun, safe, rewarding and a way to explore your deeper beliefs about yourself. Learn simple techniques and progressions for handstands to spice up your practice & build your strength and confidence.

Mantra - Spreading peace through meditative music. Their music inspires, soothes, uplifts and heals. Like soft steady rain falling on dry land, it provides nourishment and nurturing for your soul-soil.

Bring your partner for an afternoon to Educate, Inspire, Empower and Nurture yourself and learn how to involve your partner in Labour for the birth you want.

Find organic movement patterns centred on the breath and build these into an intoxicating yoga flow to reveal new -and often surprising- possibilities in your practice. Practiced to a specially-compiled music mix, expect to grin like an idiot and sweat your prayers as we lead up to Savasana and Meditation to finish with a sweet stillness in your heart.

A 5-week course to train you in a range of meditation techniques to help you find calm and insight in a way you'll love

Learn to live in the present & cope more effectively with emotional distress.

Yin Yoga workshop with Mysan to get groovy hips and a sparkle in your eye!

Back by popular demand. Join Clayton, Vanessa and Steve for an evening of kirtan with 3 of Bondi's most profilic kirtan artists in a relaxed evening of chanting in community mixed with beautiful musicianship.

Learn more ways of relaxing with NLP, Hypnotherapy & Transformative learning

Find your Spirit in the Joy of Movement. Inspire, inform and deepen your practice and teachings with new skills which blend physical, elemental, energetic and astral worlds with international teacher and spiritual bower-bird Gypsy Bast!

Yoga for Fertility is a gentle, effective style of yoga specifically designed for women trying to get pregnant naturally,

A 5-week course to train you in a range of meditation techniques to help you find calm and insight in a way you'll love

Find divine Balance and inner Grace in a blissful week of Yoga, relaxation and exploration in Bali

An evening of chanting and music with international kirtanist to open your heart and connect directly with the Divine in all of us.

Yoga is a path to abiding Happiness. The 5 Yamas are the first step on the path of Classical yoga. This fascinating new course considers how to bring their understanding into our daily lives -and practice- and connect you to the ancient tradition of real yoga.

This 12 hour workshop will be invaluable for Yoga students and for teachers of all movement disciplines who wish to offer effective and pain-free strategies for improving movement function and healing back pain. It will qualify you for 12 CPD points for members of teaching associations like YogaAustralia

Free your spine to ease your entire body in this 2 hour class-style workshop

Revise and refresh your CPR skills for valid 1st Aid certification.

Full day training to achieve 1st Aid certification with senior trainer and yoga teacher Steve Allan

Transform your yoga and your lifestyle. Nationally-recognized course has nurtured exceptional teachers for over 12 years