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Relaxing yoga set to beautiful chants and live music by Kylie and her father. Just right for nourishing the soul through voice and sound.

Discover the secrets for lasting change using yoga, meditation and simple techniques to guide the life you want.

We're excited to introduce a new breed of school holiday workshop for kids, focused completely on the art of  h a p p i n e s s !

This Yin workshop will Detox and Cleanse you from the overindulging goodness of the festive season!

5 weeks to explore the power of sound-based yogic practices to open the voice and heart, reduce stress, focus the mind, release pent up emotions and return to connection, clarity and balance.

Join Ali to make going upside-down fun, safe, rewarding and a way to explore your deeper beliefs about yourself. Learn simple techniques and progressions for handstands to spice up your practice & build your strength and confidence.

Last time in 2017. Join The Shamanic Journey for a ceremony that opens the space to enter a powerful meditative state.

Transform your yoga and your lifestyle. Nationally-recognized course has nurtured exceptional teachers for over 12 years

Yoga for Fertility is a gentle, effective style of yoga specifically designed for women trying to get pregnant naturally,

A 5-week course to train you in a range of meditation techniques to help you find calm and insight in a way you'll love

Are you new to yoga? Or been practising a while but not sure whether you're doing it right? A welcoming course for all ages, abilities and backgrounds to help you on the right path.

Join the Qi Kirtan community and special musical guests for an uplifting evening of blissful chanting and music to open your heart and raise funds for charity.

Prepare for Valentine's day, learn juicy new yoga moves with a yoga buddy -or partner- and share ways to practice yoga together. Yoga from the Heart!

Explore and balance the energy of the 1st Chakra with grounding Yoga Practises to help encourage clarity & courage through stillness.

This powerful course is for you if you desire life changes that last, and are sick of fads or quick fixes that never get to the source of what’s weighing you down and land you back where you started. How you live your day is how you live your life.

Nurture your relationship with your daughter with Creativity, Mindfulness & Connection

BUILD YOUR UPPER BODY STRENGTH: A 2 HOUR PILATES WORKSHOP with Oriana & Tracy for full body strengthening, Myofacial release techniques and practical stretches for home practice.

Nothing used to frustrate me more than being told "Just relax!" as if it were that easy, Come and learn simple, powerful and delicious yoga postures and techniques that act as a circuit-breaker for stress, anxiety and irritability for even the busiest person. 

Somatics is all about body-mind integration. It's a subtle but potent way of working with the body and managing chronic pain to find ease and health. This training for teachers or experienced students.

Share and practice techniques, meditations, inquiries and inspiration to rekindle your commitment to your own Sadhana as a teacher and a yogi

After her sold-out sessions for mums with girls aged 5-7 and 8-12, creative therapist Liz Taverner is back with another wonderful Mother & Daughter Workshop, this time with girls aged 13-15. 

Most of us feel compassion when a close friend is struggling. What would it be like to receive the same caring attention whenever you needed it most? All that’s required is a shift in the direction of your attention.

Join this anatomy-informed,  50hr Yin Yoga Practice Immersion & Teacher Training over 3 long weekends in March with senior teacher and educator Cora Geroux

Bring your partner and join pre-natal expert and teacher Mary-Louise for an afternoon to Educate, Inspire, Empower and Nurture yourself and learn how to involve your partner in Labour.

Nada Yoga 2 builds on the foundations of Nada Yoga 1 and is tailored to suit the interests of the current intake & deepen your exploration of kirtan, including the chance to lead a kirtan yourself (optional)

Divine and powerful chants and kirtan with Sri Madhava and his band. If you had any plans for the next few hours go ahead and cancel them and make yourself an appointment with the ecstatic chanting of sacred mantras. This is kirtan at its authentic best.

Join Maurice, one of Qi's most experienced and knowledgeable teachers to explore the subtle building-blocks which underpin a successful yoga practice for all Yogis.

Discover the power of your hands in your teaching and much much more. Learn new techniques for your own practice and teaching skills for both one-on-one and group situations.

Whether you simply want to know how to teach a pregnant student within your yoga class or wish to specialise in pre and post natal yoga - this course is for you. Revised and updated in 2017.

An evening of chanting and music with teacher and international kirtanist Sri Prahlada. Open your heart and connect directly with the Divine in all of us.

Find divine Balance and inner Grace in a blissful week of Yoga, relaxation and exploration in Bali

Learn teacher-student communication that embodies compassionate witnessing with acceptance & respect for the individual. Come prepared to feel new pleasure in both giving and receiving intelligent touch.