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Join The Shamanic Journey for a ceremony that opens the space to enter a powerful meditative state.

Your chance to meet teachers and students from this year's Teacher Training course, ask the questions you want and get a real insight to see if this is the course and direction for you in 2019.

Nothing great is accomplished without purpose and meaning but even the biggest vision requires grit to go through it.

Deepen your relationship, communication and intimacy during an afternoon of transformation. This workshop is for singles and couples in a safe and loving environment.

Lulu & Mischka share their message and soulful songs with you to sing as one. Join these humble stars of kirtan and chant. Ancient mantras meet English lyrics, modern melodies fuse with magical harmonies, enriched by Lulu’s lush, angelic vocals and Mischka's humble guidance.

Reawaken your Goddess- Healing of the Sacred Feminine is a night of reconciliation for all women. Through the ancient practice of Kundalini Yoga, Pranayama, mantras, meditations and sound journey we create a conducive space for healing of women and the divine feminine.

Revise and refresh your CPR skills for valid 1st Aid certification. A must for all yoga teachers, and great for parents, surfers, office workers...everyone!

In this gentle, therapeutic, breath-centered yoga, we are making the body strong and flexible — but we go about it in a way that also encourages useful patterns of thought and behavior. No struggling. No straining. No striving.

Full day training to achieve 1st Aid certification with senior trainer and yoga teacher Steve Allan. A must for all yoga teachers, and great for parents, surfers, office workers...everyone!

A one-of-a-kind workshop using heart opening yoga therapy, sacred sound meditations, shiatsu and inspirational lectures to find connection and joy as we open up to Summer.

This 3 hour session is the perfect way to end 2018. Bhakti yogi teacher Emma will bring awareness to the body, breath, mind and spirit and help you set intentions around reclaiming Divinity in for 2019.

Join us for an exquisite surrendering of 2018 so you can consciously embrace all the juice, expansion and elevation that 2019 offers!

We're excited to have Liz back with another set of school holiday workshops for kids!

Explore your passion. Transform your yoga and your lifestyle in this Nationally-recognized course which has nurtured exceptional teachers for over 14 years

Bring your partner and join pre-natal expert and teacher Mary-Louise for an afternoon to Educate, Inspire, Empower and Nurture yourself and learn how to involve your partner in Labour.

Divine and powerful chants and kirtan with Sri Madhava and his band. If you had any plans for the next few hours go ahead and cancel them and make yourself an appointment with the ecstatic chanting of sacred mantras. This is kirtan at its authentic best.

Learning to center ourselves is the key to developing energetic groundedness, calmness of mind and emotions, and a deep feeling of connectedness to Life. Join one fo the world's leading "teacher of teachers" in this journey to your core and beyond in her only Sydney visit for 2019.

More than a 'sightseeing trip' - This is sightseeing with soul. Discover yourself as you journey with like-minded friends and let India work her magic! See the incredible colour, culture, beauty, life and spiritual heart of India in a breath-taking journey.