Qi Yoga Classes during the Corona Virus

We closed both studios for live classes on March 22 and the clinic will only operate on a reduced schedule by private arrangement. They will require careful screening of all clients before an appointment and are only seeing existing clients.

The closure is devastating for everyone:

  • Our amazing teachers, some of whom have been with Qi 10 years or more, are now without income, connection or support, and largely unable to serve the community they love.
  • Our reception staff who presented an unfailingly friendly and efficient face to everything we do at Qi, have no work.
  • And you, our amazing, talented, loyal and ever-curious students, patients and friends are barred from joining the humble community of positive, healthy souls that is the heart of what we have become. A Real Community.
  • And the business of Qi is fighting to survive long enough in the hope we can re-open before it’s too late.


A Brave New Future: we’re moving our yoga mat online

From March 30th you can join some of our regular classes in a new on-line format, live-streaming your favourite teachers to your private yoga studio at home (check our timetables or on the QiYoga App) and for a limited time you’ll be able to buy each session as a video class.

We’re trying to introduce these classes slowly so we can maintain quality and connect you to others in the class, and give you the reassurance of a familar studio setting and run them at the time the class used to run in the real world.

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