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Kajal has trained in alternative therapy for many years, studying Reiki and Kinesiology. She discovered Ka Huna and Lomi Lomi massage 8 years ago and it changed her life.

She experienced incredible healing, personal growth, connection to her inner wisdom and a sense of community. She continued her training with a feverish passion, becoming a Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage Teacher in 2015. ​

Hawaiian massage is more than just a massage. It is a sacred full body art form; a bridge between worlds; a space within which the practitioner and client work together, using prayer, breath and spirit of aloha (divine love), to access the body’s innate healing power and create transformation in the body, mind and soul.

Her massages may help to:

  • Relieve stress and tension in the body and muscles.
  • Deeply relax the body into a meditative state.
  • Boost the immune system, lymphatic system and detoxification.
  • Improve the function of the body systems and organs.
  • Improve circulation, digestion and absorption of nutrients.
  • Relieve chronic pain.
  • Improve flexibility and muscle tone.
  • Reduce mental and emotional stress.
  • Dissolve stagnant energy.
  • Promote mental and emotional resilience.
  • Promote self empowerment.
  • Align you with your heart, soul and inner truth.


Step into a divine healing space and allow this magical bodywork to take you away to another world.

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