New Students

Starting Yoga or Pilates

about_bottom_img1Welcome to Qi, where we offer a huge variety of Yoga and Pilates classes, courses and workshops for every level of experience and ability. Beginners are welcome at any time; we suggest starting with GENTLE or MODERATE classes to build your confidence.

Classes are small, safe and personal so you enjoy close supervision from our highly-trained teachers. We encourage you to go at your own pace.

There’s a balance of relaxing and energizing classes with an emphasis on relaxation and authentic integration of the many disciplines of yoga in most classes.
(NB: We do not heat the room like some yoga styles.)

Introductory Offer: $25 for first 5 classes

Try out 5 classes -Yoga, Meditation or Pilates- valid at all our Qi centers, to find a yoga style and teacher you like. (Valid for 10 days from your first class.)
You can book (and pay) on-line, or simply arrive at least 15 minutes before your class. We recommend comfortable clothing to move in & advise you not to eat for at least 2 hours before class.
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No membership required.


You are never too old (or too young) to try yoga

We welcome people of any age or ability to our classes. Yoga is not competitive and you get to practice at your own level. No pressure, no need to do any more than you feel inclined or is safe. Our regular students range from High School students to over 80 years!


What Should I Expect?

Yoga is an ancient system of spiritual and health-promoting practices that are popular in the West because they are gentle, can be adapted to suit anyone -regardless of fitness/flexibility or the lack of it!- and because they work on the body, breath and mind.

You will not be pushed to do anything that does not suit your body, and this is a non-competitive practise so there’s no pressure to “perform”.

Expect to feel both calm and energized at the end of a class. You may find you sleep better, cope better with stress and improve your creativity shortly after starting regular yoga classes. You’ll also feel stronger, more balanced and just better in your mind and body.
Sound enticing?


Where Should I Start?

Our classes are graded: Gentle, Moderate, Strong

We strongly recommend starting out in Gentle or Moderate classes or try one of our regular “Yoga Foundation” courses before moving onto other levels of yoga.

*Check out our different yoga styles.


What Should I Bring or wear?

Bring -or wear- clothes you are comfortable to move in. (Layers are great to adjust if you get too warm or cold) and bring a water bottle (free filtered water at both studios) and maybe a towel to put on or near your mat. We provide mats and all props needed free.

Please set mobile phones to SILENT (not vibrate) and avoid wearing perfume or strong scents to class.

You’ll find 7 main styles of classes at Qi:

Ashtanga Yoga: Dynamic, challenging, flowing and inspiring

Hatha Yoga: A more general class to stretch you body, open your mind and raise your spirits.

Pilates (and Yoga/Pilates): Fantastic to strengthen, stretch and tone everywhere.

Pre-natal yoga: a must for every mum-to-be to prepare for your big day and create the birth you want.

Restorative yoga: Deeply restful and supported poses to leave you refreshed and re-energized in a deliciously calm clear way.

Vinyasa (Flow) Yoga:  A flowing yoga style where movement/asana is linked closely to the breath for a meditative flow and absorption in the practice.

Yin Yoga: Yin Yoga is a relaxing yoga style, using support to hold gentle postures for deep opening and release. Yin Yoga focuses on depth in asana, to hold awareness with your breath (and your mind!)