Yoga Adjustment Clinic with Sam Woods

Saturday 20th Jul 2019


This is a rare opportunity for teachers and students of all levels to work with Sam Woods, one of Qi’s most experienced and respected teachers.

In this week-long clinic, Sam will share his unique knowledge and insights about alignment, adjustments, effortlessness and creating an attentive, aware class environment where each student becomes very present with their own practice. If you have been lucky enough to have attended Sam’s classes, this clinic is a chance to discover how that magic happens.

Sam Wood’s journey with yoga started in the early ’80s when he was travelling extensively in India. As a result of his experiences there, his passion for yoga was ignited and he undertook training in Iyengar and Ashtanga Vinyasa styles.

In the early 90s, he opened Australia’s first Yoga Vinyasa centre in Bondi Junction. Now, after 29 years of full-time yoga teaching, Sam has developed a unique presence and approach, based on the ‘need and response’ cycle. His ability to remain attentive to the needs of each and every student has changed the practice of countless students and inspired many into further training and teaching careers.

Sam now lives on a stunning rural property in northern NSW.


The clinic consists of;

  • PART 1: intensive Saturday and Sunday afternoon workshops
  • PART 2: practical ‘hands-on’ assisting during 5 morning Mysore practices throughout the week

The clinic will cover;

  • Understanding correct alignment – as a student and as a teacher
  • How to assist and adjust safely, effectively and with sensitivity
  • Learning how to observe and read a class in progress to discover the appropriateness and timing of adjustments
  • Differentiating the needs of beginner and experienced students
  • How to create an easeful environment that is relaxed yet challenging
  • Gaining confidence with ‘doing less’ and knowing when to approach


You’ll discover that adjustment is an open-ended, creative process that is responsive to each individual’s immediate needs. The workshop is suitable for practitioners of all styles of yoga.


Saturday 20th Jul 2019 To Sunday 21st Jul 2019


Qi Manly Chandra Studio
Saturday 2 - 4.30pm
Sunday 10 - 12.30pm


Weekend workshops 2 sessions (5 hours) $99
Mysore sessions Mon - Friday $26 each or $86 for all 5 sessions

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