Yin Yoga Workshop: Lower Back Freedom with Mysan Sidbo

Saturday 1st Apr 2017

Lower back smallerThere is a lower back pain epidemic in our modern society due to us sitting too much and moving our bodies way too little. Lower back pain and discomfort often steels our freedom. Our freedom to move and to do activities that we enjoy doing – it stops us from moving in life with freedom.

The lower back and our sacrum area is the most heavy ligament area of our body and one of the first areas of our body to stagnate and dry out! This drying out process starts already in our twenties (maybe even earlier now as kids of today sit so much in front of computers) and if we do not move it we will loose it.

This Yin Yoga Classtyle Workshop will give you a sense of freedom to your lower back and hip region. It will rehydrate the ever-contracting deep set fascia around these beautiful joints of the hips, sacrum and lower back to release discomfort, pain and immobility. Giving freedom and an increased range of motion to these joints.

So if you are a person whom are not constantly out hunting mammoths, squatting by a fire, climbing trees to pick your food or running in the woods, this is for you!


Saturday 1st Apr 2017
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm





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