Yin Yoga Teacher Training & Practice Immersion:
Level 2 training for yoga teachers

Friday 9th Mar 2018

Join Cora Geroux, Em Cruickshank & Ryan Barraclough for an anatomy-informed,  50hr Yin Yoga Practice Immersion & Teacher Training. Held over 3 long weekends in March.

Just as the light cannot exist without the dark, yang cannot exist without yin. Yin yoga offers us a balancing force in our yoga practice in relation to the strong dynamic styles of yoga such as hatha, vinyasa and ashtanga.

Yin and Yang are concepts that govern all of life, yet stem from ancient Taoist philosophy. Indian yogis also held such concepts when they referred to hatha yoga – Ha (sun) Tha (Moon). When we drop into our yin nature we allow ourselves to become receptive and open.

Yin Yoga is a slow, mainly floor based practice where poses are held from 2 – 20 minutes. This style of practice brings immense physical, energetic and mental healing, as we work with the Meridian system from Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

During this 50 HR Training you will learn:


 ‌Introductory Theory of Yin Yoga:

  • What is Yin Yoga
  • ‌How is Yin Yoga different from restorative yoga
  • ‌How the Taoist philosophy applies to Yin Yoga
  • Why Yin Yoga is needed now more than ever
  • ‌Yin Yoga as a gateway into deeper meditative practices


Anatomy & Physiology:

  • Structural Anatomy: fascia, muscles & joints
  • ‌Applied Anatomy: Fascia in relation to; breath, movement & the nervous system
  • ‌Hypermobility, instability & yin yoga
  • ‌How to keep the yin tissues happy & healthy


Introduction To TCM:

  • Intro to TCM theory
  • 5 element theory
  • Meridian & organ theory
  • The emotional body


Yin Sequencing:

  • Basic principles of Yin sequencing
  • ‌Learn & practice specific sequences for each of the main meridian pairs
  • ‌Learn how to access the spine during yin yoga


Inner Methods:

  • ‌Meditation: mindfulness, vipassana and shamatha
  • ‌Pranayama & how to balance the nervous system
  • ‌Contemplation


Teaching Methodology:

  • ‌The art of holding space
  • ‌Props & modifications
  • ‌Using music as a tool for Yin Yoga practice
  • ‌Personalised Yin – teaching the individual within the group


Cora Geroux 
Lead Trainer

Cora is an E – RYT 500, has been practicing Yin Yoga for over a decade, and started teaching yin classes in Vancouver in 2010, after training with Bernie Clark. She has then continued to study with Sarah Powers, and is deeply grateful for the knowledge passed down from her teachers. Cora currently leads a 200hr Yoga Teacher Training in Sydney and is a faculty member of the Level 2 Yoga Teacher Training at Qi Health & Yoga where she has tught for many years.

Em Cruickshank
Inner Methods

Em began practicing in yoga in 1998, however a snapped ACL shortly after led her yang practice to be intermittent for several years. However, Em built up a strong, inner practice which she continues to build to this day. Em first qualified as a yoga teacher with Byron School of Yoga, and has gone on to study yin yoga with Sarah Powers.

In the past several years Em’s study and practice of Buddhist thought has gained tremendous depth. She is a sought after yin, restorative & meditation teacher with a large and loyal following.  You can learn more about Em by checking out her Instagram @the.yin.crowd

Please contact Cora at cora@slowyoga.com.au for more information


Friday 9th Mar 2018 To Saturday 24th Mar 2018


Chandra Studio, Qi Manly
March: 9th, 10th & 11th
16th, 17th & 18th
23rd, 24th & 25th

Fridays 12:30 - 4:30pm
Saturdays 2 - 6pm
Sundays 10-4pm


EarlyBird $1250 (full payment before January 15)
Full price: $1500

We require a registration deposit of $450 to confirm your place

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