Teacher Mentoring: Revitalize your yoga practice (5 weeks)

Thursday 5th Jul 2018

Share and practice techniques, meditations, inquiries and inspiration to rekindle your commitment to your own Sadhana as a teacher and a yogi

Over this 5 week program explore and develop the essence of your own practice, learn new techniques, and use this priceless forum to discuss issues about your practice or teaching under the guidance of a senior experienced teacher and mentor.

We will explore unexpected ways to make your personal practice easier and more rewarding as a necessary foundation to improve your teaching.

Yoga is so much more than “shapes on the mat”…I’ll remind you how to reconnect with the heart of your own meaningful practice in this enthralling program.

We’ll also have a special focus on making your approach appropriate for the #metoo era considering trauma-sensitive cues and protocols.


“Mentoring” is a modern word that describes an integral part of the tradition of yoga throughout history. It includes the guidance given between teacher and student, as well as the ongoing professional and personal guidance necessary for all yoga teachers, at all levels of seniority and experience, as part of their continuing journey of yoga.

Who is this for?
Teachers or experienced students (minimum 2 years regular practice suggested) wanting to revitalize the fire and passion for their own practice, and develop some new knowledge and (teaching) skills too.

Each week will include a led practice, and forum for discussion with notes. You’ll be encouraged to keep a journal during and after this short course.

Attendees will also earn 10 CPD points for YogaAustralia members.

Meet Mark O’Brien
Mark floral shirtMark is the founder of Qi Health & Yoga and has practiced Yoga for 24 years with well over 10,000 teaching hours under his belt. He is renowned for inventive, deceptively simple but inspiring classes that offer hidden depths to students of all levels.

He holds Senior/Level 3 membership of YogaAustralia and continues to advocate for lifting teaching skills and standards for the benefit of all teachers and students.
He LOVES offering these workshops to share his passion for creativity and the tradition of Yoga with other keen students and teachers.
He has trained in depth with Donna Farhi over 18 years, and many other legendary teachers and inspirations including TKV Desikachar, Mark Whitwell, Mark Breadner, Shiva Rea, Annie Carpenter and Karen Schaeffer.

Thursday 5th Jul 2018 To Thursday 2nd Aug 2018
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm


Qi Manly: Surya Studio


worth 10 CPD points for YogaAustralia members

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I had lots of “Aha” moments and love your work…I feel totally revitalized in my personal practice…

Krystle (Yoga teacher)

I thought we’d do more theory on asana. I’m so glad we didn’t! I loved the training and the notes”

Jess (Yoga teacher)