Shamanic Journey Workshop with Carmen Morales

Saturday 27th May 2017


This event is currently FULL. But call us to go on the wait-list. 9976 6880

Shamanism is the way of the heart – a way of life that empowers, delivers and embodies truth, integrity, personal healing and interconnectedness – is the oldest form of healing and relating to the Earth.

The Shamanic Journey is a ceremony that opens the space to go into a powerful meditative state. It takes us into a very special level of consciousness that helps us work more deeply with intuitive and spiritual guidance.

During the journey prolonged hypnotic drumming, rattling and other music instruments are used to promote relaxation and the experience of a trance-like visionary awareness.

Early booking recommended: her past events have sold out early with a big wait list



Saturday 27th May 2017
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm


Qi Freshwater



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“The workshop was so wonderful! It has brought lots of benefits and changes into my life. The combination of Carmen’s wise teachings and the journeys helped me get rid of my anxiety! I now feel relaxed and empowered. Thanks so much Carmen

Lynda Mills

“Thank you for such a powerful journey! Carmen is brilliant and holds the space so beautifully. I am grateful for her support and guidance, for allowing the space for me to heal my past and embrace my future”.

Mary M.