Reawaken your Goddess – Healing the sacred Feminine
with Aline Lage and Carmen Morales

Friday 28th Jul 2017

We are all sons and daughters of the Earth, whose greatest lesson is to live from the heart, not the head. In recent times we are seeing a collective spiritual renaissance that is reawakening our connection to Mother Earth and the feminine principle of creation.

Gaia, Pachamama, Great Mother all names to call Divine Mother in shamanic ways. Shamanic practices and ancient wisdom traditions from all around the world have always fostered an unbroken relationship with the living Earth and they have always known that creation in its purest form is found in the divine balance between the sacred feminine and the sacred masculine.

The remembrance of ancient and indigenous ways of living, provides a conduit to a more harmonious and conscious relationship with Life – a way of Love, of Sacred Union, of Original Innocence – a pristine state of embodied consciousness.

The rise we currently experience in the connection and relationship to the feminine principle have the potential to recalibrate and reshape the deep core of humanity and transform the world we know today. The sacred feminine transcends gender-based duality and teaches us to cultivate self-love as the gateway to universal love.

Along with women themselves, the sacred feminine has been oppressed, degraded, devalued and deeply wounded leading to a shutdown of the feminine identity and creating a profound imbalance in the divine interplay of the feminine and masculine energies. Women play a vital role in the healing of the collective. By healing herself and bringing harmony within, a woman has the potential to heal all around her. Woman is the core of humanity. It is through a woman that creation manifests itself in the physical.

Now it’s time for all of us to re-establish balance, harmony, beauty and love. It’s time to get back into flow with Life as the ultimate and highest value on earth. It’s time to remember the role of the divine feminine. The sacred feminine must be restored to its rightful place, in harmony and balance with the divine masculine– on our planet, in our culture, and within ourselves.

Reawaken your Goddess- Healing of the Sacred Feminine is a night of reconciliation for all women. Through the ancient practice of Kundalini Yoga, Pranayama, mantras, meditations and sound journey we create a conducive space for healing of women and the divine feminine. On this month’s gathering we will be joined by Shamanic facilitator Carmen Morales who will be weaving her Pachamama magic to assist us to remember and reawaken the ways of Earth so we can restore balance, harmony and beauty within and without.

May you never forget you are the feminine mystery of creation; You are empowered, You are invincible, you are a WOMAN…..


About the facilitators:

Aline Lage – is the founder of Meaningful Life Spiritual Coaching. Amongst many areas of study Aline is qualified as a Kundalini Yoga teacher, Gong Master and Life & Spiritual Coach. After almost dying and the passing of her daughter at birth Aline has found a profound meaning to life and now she dedicates herself to helping other women to reconnect with their infinite, sacred and divine nature. Aline’s passion for empowering women is evident to all who meet her.


Carmen Morales –  is a lover of Life, of Pachamama – Mother Earth and all living Beings. She loves being able to share the ways of the Earth wherever she goes and to assist people in remembering how to be happy and free. To reawaken all those parts of yourself, which have been lying dormant or for some reason have been forgotten along the way. It’s her deepest desire to assist you in returning to your JOY, to your FREEDOM, to your FLOW!  Now is your time to become inspired once again, to walk in Beauty and live your wildest dreams.


Friday 28th Jul 2017
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm





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