Reawaken your Goddess – Healing the sacred Feminine

Friday 26th May 2017

Divine Shakti – the sacred feminine power that is the mystery of form and creation. The descending current that transform consciousness, energy into matter. We are all waking up. We are all expanding to a new reality and a new way of being. We are all feeling this new way of relating to ourselves and each other. Our song wants to sing freely again. No more oppression. No more competition and separation. The way of the Feminine Divine brings union and connection between all beings and nature.

What does it mean to reclaim the feminine?  It means to honour our sacredness and the divinity of life that is present in every moment.  It means to comprehend that life is one whole interwoven into a web of interconnection.  It means to understand that everything, every act, even every thought, affects the whole. It also means to allow life to flow within and through you. 

The Divine nature of your being wants to be remembered. The Divine presence that is within yourself and within life is calling you as never before. We all long for this magic, for a life that unites the inner and outer worlds. You just have to be open and receptive, to say yes to what you cannot see or touch, but can feel and respond to. For each of us this meeting of the worlds will be different, unique, because we are each different, unique. It is the sacred within life speaking to you in your own language. 

The old paradigm of the patriarchal creates so much noise that it is not easy to hear the simple voice of life itself. But it is present, even within the mirage of our fears and desires, our anxieties and expectations. Life is waiting for us to listen and for us to speak our true voice again. You only need to be present and conscious. Shakti is loudly trying to communicate to you the secrets of creation so that you can participate in the wonder of Divine creation.

The Divine feminine is asking us to be present in life in all of its wholeness, without judgment or hidden agendas. Then she can speak to us, reveal the mystery of her rebirth. Your role is to re-learn how to listen. The feminine essence of the Self is Transpersonal – beyond the language of the mind to describe. The voice of the sacred feminine is the voice of community and sharing, of nurturing and building, of abundance and generosity, of pleasure and desire. It is the voice of balance and justice, of self-love as well as loving others. It is the call to a more authentic, holistic and healthy way of being and living.

Reawaken your Goddess- Healing of the Sacred Feminine is a night of reconciliation for all women. Through the ancient practice of Kundalini Yoga, Pranayama, mantras, meditations and sound journey you will be invited to come back into your power, to reclaim your creativity, your voice, values, vision and the magnetic energy of your sacred womb and body.
It is time for all women to feel and believe in the highest vision of your being. Shakti gives you the courage to step out of hiding, step out of the shadows and share your beauty and gifts with the world.
May you never forget you are the feminine mystery of creation; You are empowered, You are invincible, you are a WOMAN….


About the facilitators:

Aline Lage – Aline is the founder of Meaningful Life Spiritual Coaching. Amongst many areas of study Aline is qualified as a Kundalini Yoga teacher, Gong Master and Life & Spiritual Coaching.  After almost dying and the pass of her daughter at birth Aline has found a profound meaning to life and now dedicates her self to helping other women reconnect with their infinite, sacred and divine nature.  Aline is one of the founders of the Woman of Light Foundation in Australia and her passion for empowering woman is evident to all who meet her.


Portia Briana has always found expression and catharsis through singing her own songs. From age eleven, she has found healing through singing and writing songs with her guitar. Using the process as an instrument to understand the rapidly changing world around her.
Playing her music Portia Briana works hard in creating a life of music. Portia’s music creates a space for healing, communication and connection. Bringing her voice and her music into the ‘Reawaken Your Goddess’ space, we will sing together in mantra, meditation and journey.


Friday 26th May 2017
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm





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