TRANSITION with Denby Sheather: NEW YEARS EVE 2018 ~ NEW EARTH 2019

Monday 31st Dec 2018

Our sold-out  TRANSITION CEREMONY for New Years Eve 2017 was brimming with so much love, potency and heart-healing that we can’t wait to hold space with you again in December 2018.


TRANSITION 2018 with Denby Sheather

New Years Eve is a perfect time to release all that we have collected during the year on our quest to become fuller, more enlightened beings, and hand it over to the fires of transformation, to the healing womb of mother and to our highest personal divine vibration. It is about elevating our work, our hearts, our minds and our intentions, and continually expanding beyond old paradigms, fears, patterns and beliefs.

This ceremony celebrates the year, all that you are and offers multi dimensional healing. Not to be missed!
Enjoy Chakra alignment, Energetic Balancing, Shamanic Journey and more in this magical ceremony

What better way to prepare for NYE celebrations and align yourself with yours, and the planets’ highest vibrations!


Denby SheatherDenby’s journey with yoga, esoteric practices, healing and bodywork began over 15 years ago. She is a gifted and intuitive ‘natural born teacher’, working with several modalities both on the mat and in therapy sessions, each designed to support, awaken and empower your own ability to discern, heal and rebalance.

Her approach is simple: BE REAL.
Her popular new and full moon circles focus on this because so many of us have learnt for too long, as individuals and as a collective, that being ‘seen’, speaking our truth, and embodying our power, attracts negativity, danger or more wounding. Denby works to shift these old paradigms in relation to how you are experiencing them now, so that you are able to reconnect with, and trust in, your primal, most conscious self. She also clears karmic tapestries that keep feeding repetitive patterns in your life on a body, mind and soul level. When you do this work and you fully embody it, 


there is no attachment to ego or anything that hinders ‘what is’, and certainly no room for reliving illusion or feeding aspects of our lower selves. We then realise that we are light, that we are free and that we are a valid, creative and powerful shard of the one divine vibration. And this is where it gets juicy!!

Denby works as a shamanic facilitator/guide to help you uncover familial wounds and stories, to investigate and enquire as to their intrinsic nature and why they are manifesting on this plane for you, and then gently yet profoundly, transmute anything that is no longer in service to your highest. She does this alongside you, with your permission and in unity with your guides, power animals, indigenous entities and your higher being. You are always in your power and held in sacred space with respect, love and encouragement, so this process feels enlightening, timely and welcomed.

You can read more about Denby’s work at
or visit her Yoga Spirit Journeys page

We hope you can join us.


Monday 31st Dec 2018
12/31/18 12:45 pm - 12/31/18 3:45 pm


Qi Freshwater Studio



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 I feel cleansed, opened and stretched, physically and spiritually and always leave with a deep warmth inside of me, unsure of whether that sensation has been reignited inside me, or been intentionally channelled into me.
Denby has a beautiful way of creating and holding a sacred space; I feel totally safe to explore and let go. Having Denby’s teaching, her dedication and her awesome, deep knowledge in my life, changes everything.