Nada Yoga Course– discover the yoga of sound with Shaila

Friday 3rd Nov 2017

Nada Yoga or ‘sound’ yoga has been heralded as the most relevant and accessible yoga practice for wellbeing and personal transformation in the contemporary era. It is a feeling-based practice to balance the effects of an increasingly mind-driven society.

This five-week course will explore the power of sound-based yogic practices to open the voice and heart, reduce stress, focus the mind, release pent up emotions and return to connection, clarity and balance.

The history and science of mantra and sound vibration will be explored, as well as a sound-based study of chakra physiology and psychology.

Prior yoga experience or an active body is not necessary.

Core practices include:

  • Movement and breath exercises to open the voice
  • ‘Swara’ vocal techniques based on the classical Indian musical scale
  • Mantras to balance the chakras and nervous system
  • The fundamentals of kirtan (yogic singing/chanting)
  • Sound-based meditation practices

Benefits of nada yoga practice include:

  • Decreased stress and anxiety
  • Skills to channel emotions in a healthy, uplifting way
  • Confidence and ability to express yourself vocally
  • Balancing the pranic/energy body
  • Increased empathy and connection to self and others
  • Tapping into your abundant inner joy


About Shaila

Shaila is a prominent figure in the nada yoga community. With a background in singing and performing arts, nada yoga was Shaila’s initial entry point into the field of yoga. Since then, she has studied and taught many forms of yoga both at home in Sydney and abroad. 

Shaila’s preliminary training in yoga was a two-year, full-time Diploma of Yogic Studies, which provided immensely experiential and in-depth teachings into many branches of yoga practice and philosophy, including nada yoga. 

In 2012, Shaila moved to India to work as an editor for the Yoga Publications Trust at the Bihar School of Yoga, India. The exceptional wealth of specialised knowledge and experience she acquired during this period has become a unique, invaluable asset to her teaching.

Shaila currently teaches regularly at yoga schools and retreats around Sydney and NSW, as well as performing with her kirtan group Sound Samadhi, which has been providing nada yoga experiences to the community since 2011. 

Her passion as a yoga teacher and facilitator is connecting people with their own innate power and beauty and, as a consequence, recognising and supporting those same qualities in others.

 For more information about Shaila, please visit her website:


Friday 3rd Nov 2017 To Friday 1st Dec 2017
6:30 pm - 8:00 pm


Chandra Studio, Qi Manly


Earlybird discount $145 till October 23
Concession price $130 (please bring proof of concession to course)

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