Magical India Yoga Tour 2019: Free Preview

Saturday 16th Feb 2019

A trip to India can be daunting, so let us handle the hassles as you explore the colour, magic and spiritual heart of India with just 14 lucky people from Qi Yoga in November 2019.

More than a ‘sightseeing trip’ – This will be sightseeing with soul. 
Be prepared to discover yourself as you journey with like-minded friends
and let India work her magic!

Meet our guide, enjoy a slide-show with chai then get the answers you need about this amazing yoga tour.

Experience the incredible colour, culture, beauty, life and spiritual heart of India in a breath-taking visit to the palaces of the Raj and the forts of the mighty Mughul emporers, walk in awe around the sacred Golden Temple in Amritsar (the holiest centre for Sikhs) see the greatest monument to love ever built (the Taj Mahal) and pray and wonder at Varanasi (one of earth’s most sacred sites) as you float on the holy Ganges river.

We aim to make this trip amazing value for a small group of like-minded people, curous about Yoga and curious about India.

Full details, itinerary and more here: 


Saturday 16th Feb 2019
3:00 pm - 4:00 pm


Chandra Studio, Qi Manly



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I enjoyed this amazing tour as a first-time visitor to Ma India so much with Jane Kagan that I’ve asked her to run it agin just for friends of Qi.
Enthralling, amazing, and inspiring and brilliantly organized to let me enjoy it all without the usual hassles of India.

Mark O'Brien